Navigare Yachting: the "guaranteed revenue" yacht ownership program

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Many of our yacht owners have chosen Navigare Yachting as they look to enjoy lots of sailing time while minimizing the hassle and cost of maintenance.

Through our Complete program with guaranteed returns, you purchase a new boat through Navigare and place it in our charter fleet where we manage your yacht’s maintenance and charter operations on your behalf. Over the course of the charter period (for up to 7 years/season), we share the charter income with you and cover all the costs associated with your yacht, from berth to insurance, to warranty and maintenance, as well as turnaround between charter guests and charter license fees.

The Complete program comes with guaranteed income of up to 9% of the total cost of your yacht annually for 7 years. You will know exactly how much revenue your boat will help generate to cover the cost of your mortgage and in some cases, generate a surplus.

When you leave the program, you have the choice to sail away on your yacht, sell the boat to a private owner out of our fleet, or trade it in for a newer or larger yacht!

In our presentation we shared concrete examples on how the numbers work for a particular yacht model, and answered commonly asked questions.

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Navigare Yachting: the "guaranteed revenue" yacht ownership program

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