Yacht Investment

Catamarans have long been the epitome of luxurious and comfortable sailing. They offer stability, spacious interiors and a unique sailing experience. In this comprehensive comparison, we plunge into the world of catamarans and pit two esteemed models against each other: the Bali 4.2 and the Lagoon 42.

We recently had the pleasure to speak with a Navigare boat owner from Sweden, Jan Malmberg, who after taking his boat out of Navigare’s charter fleet in 2008, has sailed around the world over many years. The boat he sails with today, Fragancia, is the same boat he bought back in 2004!

For sailing enthusiasts, choosing the perfect yacht is an important decision. Two highly regarded yacht models, the Oceanis 40.1 and the Dufour 41, are often in the spotlight. In this comprehensive comparison, we look at several crucial aspects, including safety, price, comfort and features, performance, suitability for charter and the general pros and cons of both yachts. Let's take a closer look at these two models.

Allow us to introduce you to the Island Spirit 525 sailing catamaran — a vessel that sets new standards, leaving no compromises in its wake. As the exclusive US and European dealer for Island Spirit, Navigare Yachting proudly presents this remarkable masterpiece that promises to wow even the most discerning sailing enthusiasts.

If a friend, acquaintance, or family member has just become the proud owner of a boat, you may be wondering what gifts would be appropriate to celebrate this exciting occasion. From practical to whimsical, there are a variety of gifts that can help new boat owners make the most of their boat ownership and time on the water. Here are the top 12 suggestions for gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

If you've ever dreamt of owning a sailing yacht and embarking on life-changing adventures while maximizing your investment, Navigare Yachting’s yacht charter ownership programs can turn that dream into a reality. 

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