Yacht Investment

A model comparison of three catamaran brands for charter or purchase. Let’s look at some highlights as well as pros/cons of each.

There are many different ownership programs offered by charter operators to suit the needs of their clients. While you may be tempted by fractional ownership, be sure to understand what this proposition entails and what the associated risks are.

A closer look into the growing electric catamarans segment, a green and innovative technical revolution where design and efficiency are being challenged. Let's dive into it! 

Navigare Presents the Island Spirit 525 Catamaran with Bobby White from Sailing Doodles Navigare Yachting recently announced its partnership with Group Island Spirit to represent Island Spirit Catamarans through exclusive distributorship in Europe and the United States. During this webinar, co-hosted by Navigare Yachting and Bobby White from Sailing Doodles,...

Pros and Cons of Owning a Boat

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Boats have topped the wish list of many people in the post-pandemic world and the marine industry has experienced explosive growth for two years now without signs of easing. If you too have considered purchase, you should first run through a comparison of the pros and cons of owning a boat.

After two years of interruption, we were finally able to welcome our current and potential yacht investors down to the base in Seget, Croatia for the incredibly popular Maneuvering Course and a Sea Trial!

Fill out our sailing resume and find out if you can skipper your charter yacht