Sailing Yacht Charter Resume

Sailing Yacht Charter Resume

Fill out our sailing resume and find out if you can skipper your charter yacht. If you have booked your charter, please complete this Sailing Resume and return it to your charter specialist.

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2. Boat Ownership

Have you ever owned a boat?*

3. Sailing Experience

Have you ever made a Gulfstream Crossing?*

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), please rate your skills in the following:

Piloting & Navigation (Dead Reckoning)*


VHF Radio*

Docking & Maneuvering under power*

Rules of the Road*

Sail handling and reefing*

Familiarity with GPS*

Familiarity with engines, generators, battery charging systems*

4. Sailing Qualifications

Please list any boating, navigation, sailing course or other marine instruction and/or licenses you have:

5. Bareboat Charter Experience

Have you ever chartered before?*

As skipper or crew?*

If so, please give the name of the last charter company, location and date of our charter.

6. Assistance


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