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Navigare Yachting Sailing School in Croatia offers structured sailing courses developed by the International Yacht Training Organization (IYT). IYT certificates are accepted worldwide and allow you to rent a boat on your own.

All our sailing instructors are highly professional and experienced skippers, with combined decades of commanding yachts.

Obtaining the IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate automatically qualifies you for an International Certificate of Competency (ICC), another highly demanded yachting credential.

Available dates

Autumn, 2022*

  • 15/10 – 29/10

Spring, 2023*

  • 25/03 – 08/04

    *Potential dates (depends on the number of applicants)

    Total price

    starting from 1950 €*

    *The total price depends on the starting date of the course and may change accordingly. Surcharge for a VHF radio license is an additional 100 EUR.


    "I was very happy with the whole experience. Allowing 2 weeks to cover everything is the ideal amount of time needed to learn and pass the exams. Also, the two instructors were excellent. I also think the course was good value but would have preferred if it was held earlier so at least you would be guaranteed better weather. Overall I would definitely recommend it to others".
    Dave Curley

    14-Day Sailing School Croatia Is Open for a Limited Time

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School

    This is one of our most unique and in-demand programs for guests who want to learn how to sail and operate a bareboat. Our exclusive sailing courses in Croatia allow you to earn an IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate.

    The IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate allows you to legally command a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft (24 meters), in coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore; this applies to daylight hours and in fair conditions, with moderate wind and sea conditions.

    This certificate is the level of competence required to charter a boat in the Mediterranean or West Indies, where there are restrictions for cruising area and distance from the base, in addition to the requirement that the vessel has to be safely moored in a marina or anchored before dark.


    Enjoy Sailing Holidays in Croatia and Learn to Sail!

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School in Croatia offers structured sailing courses developed by the International Yacht Training Organization (IYT). IYT certificates are accepted worldwide and allow you to rent a boat on your own.

    Our two-week sailing course is held in the Adriatic Sea, along Croatia's gorgeous Dalmatian Coast. This is one of the world's premier sailing destinations!  The starting point is Seget Donji, near the beautiful resort city of Split. As you explore the scenic coast and enjoy the beautiful weather of the Mediterranean in summer, you'll learn the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to earn your prestigious certification.

    All our sailing instructors are highly professional and experienced skippers, with combined decades of commanding yachts. The boats used for the course are all new, comfortable, and modern – these boats are ideally suited to help you learn how to skipper your yacht.


    Obtaining the IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate automatically qualifies you for an International Certificate of Competency (ICC), another highly demanded yachting credential.


    Navigare Yachting Sailing School


    14-Day Croatia Sailing School

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School in Croatia combines learning to sail with a 14-day sailing adventure! Bringing together theory with practical experience, in the magical setting of the Croatian archipelago, is the best way to discover sailing and discover the world!

    The total price starts from €1950.

    NOTE: The total price depends on the starting date of the course and may change accordingly.



    Course Outline

    Introduction to sailing
    Responsibilities of a bareboat skipper
    Crew safety checks
    Hull and rig checks
    Machinery and systems checks
    Fuel and water capacity and range
    Menus and quantities
    Float plan
    Sources of meteorological information
    Weather patterns

    Sea and land breezes
    Cloud types and formations
    Pilotage and passage planning
    Considerations when planning a passage
    Routine for navigating a coastal passage
    Passage strategy
    Port regulations, customs, immigration
    Pilotage plans
    Vessel handling in confined quarters
    Mooring, anchoring, coming alongside
    Ropes, knots, care, and use of lines

    General deck work
    Tides and currents theory
    Tidal heights, springs, and neaps
    Rule of "twelfths"
    Position fixing, running fixes
    Plotting the effect of tides and currents
    Collision regulations
    Lights, shapes, and sounds
    Application of the regulations
    Advanced dingy handling

    Navigare Yachting Sailing School

    There's no better place to learn sailing skills and techniques than in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea. Navigare Yachting makes it incredibly easy to get started: book online and you get the best prices. We're ready to get started if you are – reservations are limited so book early!

    Contact information:
    Tel: +385 1 2331 661
    Mob: +385 91 3 777 237
    Fax: +385 1 2331 003

    Discover Sailing – Discover the World!

    Sailing School Croatia Frequently Asked Questions

    The total price includes everything except your flights to and from the sailing school starting point and meals while on board. Expenses for food depend on your personal preferences, however, rarely exceed €25/day.


    • Berth in a cabin for 2 weeks (50% surcharge applicable for single-occupancy cabin)
    • Transfer from/to Split airport (only on Saturdays, please check the bus schedule with our sales representative before booking your flight tickets)
    • Instructions and learning materials for the courses (Introduction to Boating & International Crew, International Flotilla Skipper, and Bareboat Skipper)
    • Welcome package
    • Full water tanks, electricity, and gas
    • Outboard engine and fuel
    • Mooring fees
    • Bed linens and towels
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Final cleaning
    • Free Wi-Fi internet on board
    • IYT Certificate (ID card type)
    • Delivery of the certificate to your home address

    Not Included:

    • Food and provisioning

    Optional extras:

    • VHF certificate – €100
    • Logbook – €85
    • ICC – €150

    Dinner celebration at the end of the course in a restaurant (upon agreement)

    We recommend you book your place in advance by contacting us at Please let us know your full name, contact details, and preferred date of the course. Our manager will contact you within the next 24 hours to confirm your booking or propose alternative options to learn to sail.

    The Navigare Sailing School fee is paid in 2 installments:

    • 1st payment: 50% of the total cost, payable within 5 working days after your confirmation
    • 2nd payment: 50% of the total cost, payable 30 days before the start of the school

    If preferred, you may settle the Croatia sailing school total in one payment. The receipt of funds will confirm the booking. Because there is high demand and places in each group are limited, we suggest you book or request your desired dates as soon as possible.

    School usually begins on a Saturday. Students arrive at Seget Donji in Trogir, get familiar with the yachts, and get acquainted with the other members of the group. In the evening, you are free to go for a walk and buy some souvenirs, have dinner out at a restaurant, or cook on the yacht. This provides an opportunity to rest from your trip and adjust to the climate.

    Sunday morning, you get to know the yacht itself: water system, toilet, what may and may not be done on board, safety rules, internal space of the boat, and our route for two weeks. Your team then goes to the store together, with the instructor, to do grocery shopping.

    After filling the fridge, you are ready to begin your Croatia sailing school adventure: for the next two weeks, your instructor will teach you the rules of sailing.

    The first sailing day begins before 8 am and is meant to be gentle: everyone has a chance to maneuver the yacht to get a feeling of how, why, and which direction the boat is moving. After two hours of studying sailing theory, you're ready to take charge again and put your new knowledge into practice. Every student has individual time to practice each task and to take the role of skipper, by assigning tasks and orders and managing the crew.

    We arrive at a new bay or harbor by sunset and the process repeats each day for two weeks, but every day with new information and new places to explore. 

    At the end of two weeks, after successful completion of the course, you receive your Bareboat Skipper License and all the opportunities for sailing and holidays on the sea are open to you. Each student of Navigare Sailing School can return to us and receive additional practice or rent a bareboat at a special “Sailing School Student” price!

    We have some of the newest boats available from our fleet. Both types are among the most popular in the bareboat charters industry. Review boat descriptions at the following links:

    • SO 439
    • SO 439

    All IYT Certificates have an expiration date and must be renewed every five years. After you have completed the course, you can register at the IYT website and receive your unique code number. After five years, you can update your personal information on the website if necessary and order a new certificate. The price of certificate renewal may vary slightly, but is currently US$75, including delivery.

    You can order a transfer to the marina while confirming your school registration. The transfer picks you up at the airport arrival terminal and takes you directly to your boat. Once you arrive, please contact the Navigare office and the staff will assist you. Should you arrive the day before, we can recommend local hotels or, in case we have available boats, you have a choice of sleeping on board for the extra price of €25/per person per night.

    Currently, all courses are held in English, including sea terminology. However, you can request a course in Russian or Croatian languages, in case the group formed prefers one of these options.

    Try to keep it as simple as possible. This list varies according to the season. For the hot weather period (until mid-September) the following list applies:

    • Personal hygiene products
    • Personal first-aid kit and sunscreen or sunblock cream
    • Sailing gloves
    • Non-slip shoes or boots
    • Windbreaker jacket w/ hood
    • Fleece jacket
    • Light t-shirts, short-sleeves, and long-sleeves
    • Sunglasses
    • Shorts
    • Swimsuits
    • Flip-flops

    However, even warm destinations on the open sea can get rough. We advise adding the following items in case the weather conditions are colder:

    • Thermal underwear
    • Waterproof shoes
    • Drysuit

    We recommend packing everything in soft bags since they are much easier to stow away. Please note that the boat is equipped with life jackets, two towels per person, bed linens, and a dinghy.

    The test for obtaining the IYT Bareboat Skipper Sail is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theory consists of 50 questions which you have to answer in written form. All the questions are based on the knowledge which you have obtained during the course itself. Each question is valued from 1 to 5. The minimum passing number is 75 total.

    During the Practical test, your sailing skills will be assessed. You will need to prove yourself as capable of managing the boat as a skipper by taking the whole responsibility and managing your crew. Mistakes of your crew members are your mistakes. In addition, you will have to execute all the additional orders given by your instructor. No mistakes will be accepted during this part of the test, except for the minor mistakes in the setting of the sails.

    Please be aware that upon receiving the Bareboat Skipper Certificate you are taking the responsibility for the other people’s lives on board.

    After your registration is confirmed and the deposit paid, you may request your Course Notes via email. Please contact your school administrator at

    Our program includes all your expenses, except your flights, transfers, and meals. Breakfast and lunch are usually cooked on board, dinners are either eaten ashore at a nearby restaurant or cooked on board as well, upon agreement. Please note soups and meat dishes are not practical to cook while sailing. The main menu typically consists of eggs, salads, cheeses, fruits, mueslis, and yogurts.

    The expense for food per person usually does not exceed €25 per day. All additional expenses depend on your own shopping habits, including the number of souvenirs you are planning to purchase.

    Yes! We do offer the option of booking the whole boat for your family or friends only. In this case, the group will be closed and no one except your family or friends will participate in the course. The minimum number of people for this option is 3, as 3 crew members and a skipper is the optimal number to drive the boat.

    You may also invite your significant other to join you on board. She/he is welcome either to support you in your beginnings and enjoy the sea or to be a full-time member of the course.

    Do you have any questions? Ask away!

    We are here for you.

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