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Set Sail for Knowledge and Adventure in the BVI

We are excited and proud to share that Navigare Yachting is now one of the first charter companies in the world to offer charter guests the opportunity to have an instructional skipper onboard their charter yacht and the ability to earn a sailing certificate at the end of their trip. This groundbreaking way of combining vacationing with learning can accommodate and benefit any client regardless of previous sailing experience and personal goals. 

Thanks to our partnership with NauticEd, a global innovative player within the sailing education industry, we can offer clients this incredible immersive training experience and redefine how we think of instructional sailing. 

How it works is simple! Reserve one of our yachts in the British Virgin Islands and add a Navigare Instructional Skipper to your booking. This Instructional Skipper will custom-tailor your charter training experience based on your personalized sailing goals. You will learn and apply your knowledge to real-life situations during your charter week alongside a professional instructor while enjoying an incredible sailing vacation with your friends and family in the Caribbean.  

It means you (and your crew) get precisely what YOU want from YOUR learning experience. Are you just learning the ropes? Do you want a sailing license? Brand new to yacht chartering? We will accommodate any skill level and objective. At the end of the sailing vacation, everyone receives a certification level based on demonstrated competence. 

Our designated Instructional Skippers are fully trained under the American National Standards to give you experiential instruction during your charter vacation. Theory knowledge, certifications, and licensing are delivered through our education partner NauticEd - the official sailing education body under the US Coast Guard’s American National Standards (EDU-3).

Contact the Navigare charter team now to book your vacation in the BVI and let them know that you’d like a Navigare Instructional Skipper.


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