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Sailing with kids
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Sailing with kids

Is sailing with kids possible? Yes, it is absolutely amazing!   Just because you have a family now, it does not mean you have to say goodbye to all good...

Miami Boat Show- 14-18 February

Meet us at Miami Marine Stadium, Key Biscayne, Booth 939

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Yacht Pool certification for the year 2019
Yacht Pool certification for the year 2019

Navigare Yachting is regularly monitored by Yacht Pool. With the Yacht Pool financial insurance certificate Navigare Yachting customer`s payments are safe. In order to obtain the Yacht Pool financial insurance...

Packing tips for a sailing vacation
Packing tips for a sailing vacation

So, you've finally decided where you will be sailing. Now another big dilemma surfaces: what should you pack for your sailing trip. What if you'll be visiting fancy restaurants, or...


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