Last-Minute Departure Deals

When booking a yacht charter vacation, there are a lot of things to consider. What type of charter you are interested in, if you need or prefer to have a professional crew onboard, which boat is most suitable for your group, the best season to sail, and what destination to choose are only a few of the factors to take into account. The timing of when you book is another important factor, and can significantly impact your vacation costs in either direction.

Whether you plan your getaway early, usually defined as 6+ months out, or prefer a “last-minute” charter departing within 2-6 weeks of when you book, the availability of boats will always affect prices. If you’re the type of adventurer who’s looking to travel when the prices are the best, you should consider taking advantage of the last-minute charter deals Navigare offers in the award-winning British Virgin Islands and Bahamas!

Most of our charter guests book their vacation with us several months in advance, since booking early comes with some added benefits, especially if you are new to yacht chartering and need a little extra guidance. We understand the advantages of booking early, but the charter industry is less traditional than most other travel offerings; the most discounted rates are hyper-incentivized on last-minute departures.

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If you prioritize getting the best deals, booking late or “last minute” is definitely the way to go! Our last-minute booking deals are so good that we can’t even publicize them online - you’ll need to
contact a Navigare charter agent for more details. These deals are only available through direct bookings with Navigare Yachting, offering you the most incentive to buy directly from us.

Below are the top reasons that normally entice our guests into planning a last-minute getaway:

  • Previous Chartering Experience

A seasoned charterer is someone who has chartered a yacht before (with us or with a competitor) and has prior chartering experience. These clients require less time for tasks like researching destinations, collecting guest information, and hiring a crew. They may even have enough sailing experience that they choose a bareboat charter, in which case there is no need to hire a skipper. Seasoned charterers are great candidates for booking last minute and reaping the associated financial rewards.

  • Sailed with Navigare Before

Having sailed with us before lends you an undeniable head start compared to our first-time clients. Your previous sailing experience with us is incredibly valuable when planning your next boat rental. You won’t need as much time communicating with our agents, asking familiar questions, and learning about our services since you’re already familiar with our booking process, insurance policies, and offerings. Our goal is to reward repeat customers for choosing Navigare again, and booking spontaneously gives them the best access to our lowest rental prices.

  • Revisiting a Beloved Destination

Like many of our guests, you may decide to return to a destination that you have already traveled to in the past. Most would probably agree that it’s impossible to see and do everything during a week-long vacation regardless of destination. Coming back to a destination will allow you to dive deeper into the culture, get a more authentic experience, and see things that you missed the first time. When you revisit your favorite destination, you already have an idea of what you may want to do and there is less need for researching stops along your itinerary, accommodation before/after your charter, transportation, currency exchange, and travel documents. You are already a bit of an expert at your chosen destination which makes you a great fit for a last-minute charter.

  • Not Needing Crew

Finding and hiring available crew on short notice can be difficult. If you, or someone in your group, has sufficient sailing experience to charter a bareboat, this makes you an excellent candidate for a last-minute charter. Without the need to hire a professional crew, you have one less thing to cross off your list, and fewer expenses to account for. Navigare always hires the crew for our clients if they choose a crewed charter, so our valued guests never have to do any work on their own. While we will go above and beyond to find crew members at our client’s request, finding crew on short notice can get tricky, especially during peak season.

  • You Love Spontaneous Vacations

If none of the above statements apply to you, you may still qualify for a last-minute charter depending on your expectations and preferences. Perhaps you simply enjoy a spontaneous vacation and your lifestyle or work situation allows for a lot of flexibility. Maybe your preferred sailing season has already started and you are ready to up and leave at a moment’s notice. Booking last minute won’t allow you to research your destination as much or plan out every detail of your trip. You also run the risk of not getting your preferred boat since most of our boats will likely be fully booked, especially if it’s high season. Booking last minute can still be a great option if you prioritize getting the best deals, and don’t care as much about researching, planning your trip, and which boat or week you sail. 

Navigare Yachting specialists are always available to answer any of your questions. We’re online 24/7, so please reach out to our charter sales team if you are interested in booking last minute, exploring our award-winning Caribbean destinations, and taking advantage of the substantial financial benefits!