Navigare Service Platform

To ensure the quality of your yacht investment and the second hand value, Navigare Yachting has created a unique online Service Platform system. In real time you can follow all planned services being done on that yacht, all things being replaced and everything being maintained.

When the yacht will be sold as a second hand yacht you will have an automatically generated service book. All staff is certified with all our brands and models. We only work with dealerships or direct contacts with the yards. Navigare Service Platform is included in all investment programs and agreements.

Follow maintenance tasks in real time


Navigare Yachting conducts 1 major annual as well as regular maintenance tasks that equal to 200 man hours of upkeep of your yacht.

Online Service Platform portal enables yacht owners to follow seasonal, specific and winteral services in real time.

Owners can as well request the maintenance task.

Navigare Service Platform

Here are a few inside glances for our future Investors. You can follow in real time the work being done on your yacht and all planned services.
This system works as a service book (just like a service book in the car industry) and is included in all investment programs and agreements.

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Investment programs


Being a Navigare Yacht Investor means that you have ensured your investment and future dream holidays through our advanced knowhow, leading services and high standards. Let us, at Navigare Yachting take care of everything so that you can experience and enjoy freedom of sailing whenever you like! Receive the most out of your yacht investment and enjoy sailing at all of our worldwide destinations.

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Enjoy a hassle-free boat ownership and take part in Navigare’s exclusive holiday program. Choose between spending your holiday sailing at one of our worldwide destinations, in a luxury villa in Italy or Thailand or maybe you would rather go in a skiing resort in the Alps. Through our exclusive concierge service, we take care of full customization of your yacht and future dream holiday.

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We offer a revolutionary management concept where you as owner can buy a luxurious yacht through our extensive investment and service programs while avoiding challenges such as maintenance, service, marine handling, development, updates and keeping crew. We offer you benefits like our exclusive holiday program as well as return on investment through our charter management program.

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