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Discover a land where East meets West

Sailing the clear blue waters of Turkey's Lycian or Carian Coast is an experience every sailor should be lucky enough to enjoy. It's a magical place where you can relax in perfect comfort, disconnect from the busy world, and surrender to sublime surroundings and timeless ambiance.

Turkey’s long and beautiful summer features good winds and moderate seas, which combine to create the perfect conditions for a relaxing sailing holiday:

  • Discover a land where East meets West.
  • Thrill to an ancient culture and history, with dramatic ruins of a bygone era.
  • Explore bustling towns with sensational cuisine, or sleepy fishing villages from a more peaceful time.
  • Relax in deep water bays that invite you in for an afternoon swim, beneath soaring cliffs and pristine island scenery.

Beautiful sunny days, irresistibly scenic surroundings, and inviting people ready to make your visit a memorable one. Turkey has everything you want and Navigare Yachting is ready to bring the experience to you!

Sailing in Turkey Will Thrill Your Soul

A place where east meets west

Yacht Charter Turkey

Aegean sea coast

Navigare Yachting can bring the full delights of a yacht rental Turkey experience to you, from intimate getaways with a loved one to exciting adventure holidays with family and friends. There's something for everyone in Turkey, we welcome you to come explore this amazing land with us.

We offer Turkey charter bareboats and skippered charters, check out our local fleet of vessels and find the perfect package for your vacation. We even offer the convenience of a flexible payment schedule – pay for your vacation with up to six monthly installments

Welcome to Turkey, this will be the adventure of a lifetime!


Sailing in Turkey: Premier Destinations

This is a truly magical location for a sailing holiday, with an incredible variety of sites to experience:

Yacht Charter Turkey

Marmaris - Datca - Gocek

  • Göcek is home to our base and known as the “Turquoise Coast.” It's an area of unrivaled beauty in the region, with secluded coves, scenic harbors, peaceful waters, and a charming atmosphere.
  • Marmaris is the metropolitan gateway to the Turkish coast. It's home to historic Suleyman Castle, as well as winding streets and a bustling local bazaar. Hundreds of beaches, picture-postcard coves, and snorkeling and scuba dive sites are within easy reach of Marmaris.
  • Fethiye is home to Telmessos, an important ancient Lycian location. Explore mysterious tombs, dramatic caves, and astonishing natural wonders.
  • Knidos is a spectacular ancient city location and important cultural site. The ruins make for amazing exploration and the coastline here is scenic and very tranquil.
  • Datça is west of Marmaris and a small & beautiful port town with an active nightlife, filled with bustling cafes, bars, and entertainment options.
  • Kekova is home to the thrilling 'Kekova Sunken City' a fabled wonder of the ancient world partially submerged in a long-ago earthquake. The ruins of the city can be seen through the crystal clear waters as you float above them in the warm sunlight.
  • Kalkan is a tranquil fishing town and resort area, perched in hills that rise dramatically from the blue sea waters. The area is famous for its excellent dining & entertainment options.

Yacht Charter Turkey

Book your yacht charter vacation online now and you can enjoy the best price, along with our helpful payment plan that allows up to six monthly installments – it's the easiest way to plan for your special getaway in Turkey.

Beautiful sunny days, irresistibly scenic surroundings, and inviting people ready to make your visit a memorable one. Turkey has everything you want and Navigare Yachting is ready to bring the experience to you!


Weather Conditions for Charter Sailing in Turkey

Yacht Charter Turkey


Turkish Mediterranean Seasons & Climate

Turkey's climate is similar to that of other areas in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Weather is mild to warm and conditions are very favorable for long and delightful sailing days. The sun shines for 300+ days a year in the seas around Turkey.

The “Meltemi winds” are hot and dry northerly winds that blow in the Aegean from mid-May to mid-September. Meltemi winds can arrive without warning and persist for days, though they often swell in the afternoon and die down each night. These winds typically provide good and steady sailing for the region, although they can be quite severe for short periods.

Navigare Yachting offers charter yacht Turkey and yacht rental Turkey services from the end of March through the end of November:

High Season

Yacht Charter Turkey

Knidos Datca - Kalkan - Sailboats in Datca

Ideal summer sailing begins in May and continues through the end of October. High temperatures average 26-33° C daily, with potential for higher temperatures in the middle of the season. Lows average from 16-23° C daily, with lower temperatures at the beginning of the season. Precipitation is rare, with increased chances of rain toward the end of the season.

Early Season

Early season sailing begins in March and continues into May. Moderate precipitation in March decreases steadily through spring. High temperatures average 17-26° C daily, lows average from 10-16° C daily, warming steadily as summer nears.

Late Season

Late season sailing in Turkey begins in late October and ends in November. High temperatures average 18-24° C daily, lows average from 11-15° C, with increased precipitation and steady cooling as winter nears.

Sailing holidays in Turkey are a wonderful experience of warm breezes, long summer days, and gorgeous weather that beckons toward adventure. Book your dream yacht charter Turkey vacation and see why sailors consider Turkey an ideal sailing holiday location.


Documents Required for Sailing in Turkey and Navigare Yachting Turkey Contact Information

Required Documents

All of the below listed documents are required for a yacht rental Turkey vacation and must be presented prior to boarding:

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Copy of the charter contract
  • Sailing (or motor boat) license for at least one crew member; a second license is highly recommended
  • Crew list, to include names, birth dates, nationalities and passport/ID numbers


Yacht Charter Turkey

Navigare Yachting Yacht Charter Turkey Contact Information

Navigare Yachting, Turkey

Club Marina
E.G.G. Yachting
D-Marin Göcek, Cumhuriyet Mah. Camtaş Cad. No:12
TR-48310 - Göcek, Turkey

Göker Tuncay + Nezih Akman– Turkey Base Manager
Phone: +90 (0) 252 6452741
Email: egg@navigare-yachting.com

Zerrin Soylugil – Client Coordinator
Mobile: +49 (0) 89 6328 6703
Email: egg@navigare-yachting.com

Mobile: +90 (0) 533 339 7237
Mobile: +90 (0) 530 391 9697

9am to 7pm Monday-Sunday

Our charter yacht Turkey office is fluent in Turkish and English languages. 

Additional Information About Yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht Charter Turkey


LOCAL CURRENCY: Turkish lira; Euros are accepted for payment in many places in Turkey, however US dollars are not widely accepted; cash, credit cards, and traveler's checks are accepted at most restaurants, businesses, and destinations

LOCAL CUISINE: Turkish cuisine in the Aegean region is a delightful blend of culinary influences, including Ottoman, Greek, Levantine, and Jewish dishes. Of course, seafood is plentiful: sea bream, sea bass, and anchovy dishes are very popular, accented with garlic, wild greens, and local sauces.

Olives are a staple at almost every meal and locally sourced meats, vegetables, and fruits are plentiful. The region's restaurants are experienced serving international guests and the variety of restaurants is ample. Small beach side cafes offer tasty meals and coffee, fine dining restaurants provide lavish dishes, and picnics on secluded beaches are a delightful way to pass the long days.


Getting to Your Yacht Charter Turkey Göcek Base

The Navigare Yachting charter base is located at Club Marina in Göcek. To reach our base, you can fly to Dalaman from Istanbul (1 hour 15 minutes), or from select international locations directly. Transit from the Dalaman Airport to our base takes about 25 minutes by car. You can also take a bus to Fethiye from many major Turkish cities, including Istanbul and Ankara, and then take a bus from Fethiye to Göcek; Fethiye is about 32 km from Göcek.

We can organize a transfer to the marina on your request. For best service please inform us of your arrival time whether you need a transfer or not.

Club Marina is a modern facility, located in a beautiful area surrounded by charming pine trees and beaches, with crystal clear water that calls for a stroll and a swim. Amenities include a restaurant, Turkish bath & sauna, boutiques, toilets & shower blocks, villa accommodations, and WiFi.

Taxis are available outside Pupa Hotel for travel to the supermarket in Marmaris. The ride takes around 20 minutes and costs about 50 lira. You can also take free transportation to a small mini market across the bay, however this market has a smaller selection and higher prices.

Yacht Charter Turkey

Navigare Yachting brings Turkey sailing to you with more ease and convenience, with our unique installment payment plan: pay for your charter in up to six monthly installments, which gives you more freedom to plan your Turkey vacation.

Review our fleet of Turkey charter bareboats and skippered charters, then select the package that's perfect for you.

Sailing holidays in Turkey are something every sailor must experience in their lifetime, a wonderful adventure to share with friends, family, and loved ones. Navigare Yachting can make it happen for you!

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The Weather in Turkey

Jan 50 ºF
Feb 52 ºF
Mar 55 ºF
Apr 61 ºF
May 68 ºF
Jun 77 ºF
Jul 82 ºF
Aug 81 ºF
Sep 77 ºF
Oct 68 ºF
Nov 59 ºF
Dec 54 ºF

Sailing in Turkey - Itineraries

Sail away to beautiful Turkey in one of our amazing iteneraries.

Turkey Base - Navigare

Navigare Yachting, Turkey

Base Club Marina

E.G.G. Yachting
D-Marin Göcek, Cumhuriyet Mah. Camtaş Cad. No:12
TR-48310 - Göcek, Turkey
Email: egg@navigare-yachting.com

Göker Tuncay + Nezih Akman– Turkey Base Manager
Phone: +90 (0) 252 6452741
Email: egg@navigare-yachting.com

Zerrin Soylugil – Client Coordinator
Mobile: +49 (0) 89 6328 6703
Email: egg@navigare-yachting.com

Service & emergency number
Mobile: +90 (0) 533 339 7237
Mobile: +90 (0) 530 391 9697

7 DAYS - Itinerary 1

Suggested sailing itinerary: Göcek - Fethiye

7 DAYS Göcek - Fethiye

Situated on Dalaman-Fethiye highway, Göcek is a very important yacht point englobing six marinas: Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Göcek Village Port, Marinturk Göcek Exclusive and Port Göcek Marina.


In the southwestern part of the channel, between Domuz Adasi and the mainland, lies a small but charming Kapi Creek. It is well secluded and often called Four Fanthom Cove. Within walking distance is located another beautiful cove surrounded by untouched nature, the Ragged Bay.

DAY 01: Göcek – Kapi Creek (8 NM)


In the southwestern Turkey, close to the Dalaman airport, among the hills, you will find Ekincik. This charming area is famous for its untouched beautiful nature: you can spend your time swimming in the clear sea or doing a walking tour. There you can also find a small harbour which connects Ekincik with Dalyan. Overall, it offers you a quiet ambiance and is a perfect getaway from the everyday commotion.

DAY 02: Kapi Creek – Ekincik (29 NM)


Near the city of Fethiye, you will find the Gemiler Island. It is an island full of historical remains (mainly churches) and a beautiful nature surrounding the architecture.

DAY 03: Ekincik – Gemiler Island (34 NM)


Gemiler – Kizikuyruk Koyu (13 NM)

DAY 04: Gemiler – Kizikuyruk Koyu (13 NM)


Gemiler – Kizikuyruk Koyu (13 NM)

DAY 05: Gemiler – Kizikuyruk Koyu (13 NM)


Wall Bay will amaze you with its natural beauty and surrounding cliffs. We advise anchoring with lines ashore, after which you can enjoy an excellent gastronomy offer by the sea.

DAY 06: Fethiye – Wall Bay (15 NM)


The perfect location and conditions of this 12 mile long bay allow you to achieve good speeds even without the normal wave action.

DAY 07: Wall Bay – Göcek (9 NM)

8 DAYS - Itinerary 2

Suggested sailing itinerary: Göcek - Fethiye

8 DAYS Göcek - Fethiye

The 8-day sailing route that includes Tersane Island, Gulf of Fethiye, Yassica Islands, Blue Lagoon and Kizil Island.


The sailing route starts from Fethiye, a popular tourist town with a beautiful bay, rich culture and a striking view of the islands.

DAY 01: Fethiye

Tersane Island

By visiting Tersane Island, you will plunge into the history as there are many ruins dating all the way from Byzantine times. The overnight stay is expected at Agalimani.

DAY 02: Tersane Island

Gulf of Fethiye (Sarsala-Bedri Rahmi Bay, Telmessos)

The journey continues as you further explore the Gulf of Fethiye. We recommend visiting Sarsala-Bedri Rahmi Bay and Telmessos.

DAY 03: Gulf of Fethiye


Batikhamam, also known as Sunken Bath, is located nearby the Cleopatra’s Bay. There you can see a bit more of history as the locations have numerous remains of ancient architecture.

DAY 04: Batikhamam

Yassica Islands

The Yassica Islands are one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean Sea. It will mesmerize you with its beautiful vegetation and sea. The overnight stay is expected at Göcek.

DAY 05: Yassica Islands

Blue Lagoon

We are continuing the sailing route in the same tone: enjoying the sea, the nature and history in a quiet ambiance. The Blue Lagoon is also known as the Old Deniz. The overnight stay is expected at Gemiler Island.

DAY 06: Blue Lagoon

Kizil Island

On your way from Gemiler Island to the final destination, Fethiye, we recommend visiting the Kizil Island to enjoy the last moments in the local beauty. The overnight stay is expected at the Fethiye harbor.

DAY 07: Kizil Island

15 DAYS - Itinerary 3

Suggested sailing itinerary: Göcek sailing route

15 DAYS Göcek sailing route

The 15-day sailing route that includes Kapi Creek, Ekincik, Marmaris, Söğüt, Bozburun, Datça, Symi, Bozukkale, Çiftlik, Sarsala Koyu etc

Göcek – Kapi Creek

Upon your arrival at Göcek, make sure you get all provisions for the boat and that you check-in by 17:00. Then you can start your journey towards the first stop, Kapi Creek.

DAY 01: Göcek – Kapi Creek

Kapi Creek – Ekincik

At Ekincik you have a marina (My Marina) at your disposal with all its facilities, as well as the bay for free anchorage. You could also visit Kaunos and the turtle beach as day excursions.

DAY 02: Kapi Creek – Ekincik

Ekincik – Marmaris

From Ekincik you will travel to Marmaris, a big town and marina. There you will find a rich gastronomic, shopping and nightlife offer.

DAY 03: Ekincik – Marmaris

Marmaris – Serçe Limanı

After enjoying a big town, it is good to take a break in a quiet area such as Serçe Limani. Anchorage is possible with landline and with mooring buoys.

DAY 04: Marmaris – Serçe Limanı

Serçe Limanı – Söğüt

From Serçe Limani, continue your journey passing the Island of Symi, which will bring you to your destination for the day: Söğüt. There you can calmly moor and enjoy the local restaurants.

DAY 05: Serçe Limanı – Söğüt

Söğüt – Bozburun

The town of Bozburun offers a rich gastronomic offer and all the supplies you might need (water, electricity). It is a fishing harbor full of life that surely won’t disappoint you!

DAY 06: Söğüt – Bozburun

Bozburun – Datça

Datça is very similar to the previous town with its vivid atmosphere and many contents to choose from. There you can take a break from sailing and stay on the land for a while.

DAY 07: Bozburun – Datça

Datça – Symi

This time you won’t just pass the Island of Symi, now it is time to visit it and experience its picturesque nature and architecture! As every location so far, it will make sure you enjoy a good meal and a good time.

DAY 08: Datça – Symi

Symi – Bozukkale

In Bozukkale you have the possibility of free anchorage, mooring buoys and restaurant jetties. We recommend getting one more time on the land and jumping in the history by visiting the nearby castle at the top of the cliff.

DAY 09: Symi – Bozukkale

Bozukkale – Çiftlik

At Çiftlik you can safely anchor your boat and spend some time enjoying the sea and the sun, a perfect moment for relaxation.

DAY 10: Bozukkale – Çiftlik

Çiftlik - Sarsala Koyu

The bay of Kücük Sarsala offers water activities such as snorkeling and swimming, and it is also useful to know it is family-friendly!

DAY 11: Çiftlik - Sarsala Koyu

Sarsala Koyu – Yassica Islands

In order to return to Göcek, you will have to cross the bay. On your way there, you will find numerous swimming spots (Yassica, Boynuz Bükü). The Yassica Islands are one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean Sea. It will mesmerize you with its beautiful vegetation and sea.

DAY 12: Sarsala Koyu – Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands – Göcek

The return is expected in the late afternoon, and the check-out has to be done until 9:00.

DAY 13: Yassica Islands – Göcek

Göcek base


DAY 14: Göcek base

Fill out our sailing resume and find out if you can skipper your charter yacht