This is Why You Should Be Sailing in Türkiye Right Now

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Have you ever sailed in Türkiye? No? Ok, read on, and you will see what you are missing. We agree that the Greek-dotted coastline is beautiful and the BVI is dazzling, to say the least, but sailing in Türkiye gives you the best of those 2 worlds: mouthwatering food, a rich culture, and some of the most beautiful views out there…Oh and let's not forget a laid-back atmosphere.


The beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas is incomparable, which is something that probably everyone who sailed in Türkiye can agree on. Everyone has probably heard of the word turquoise, used to describe sky-blue and greenish-gray waters.

What some probably didn't know is that turquoise comes from a French word for Turkish, initially used to refer to the gem found throughout the country.
So yes, the word we use to describe the most beautiful beaches and seas exists because of Türkiye.


Nearly all cultures have their iconic drink, and for Türkiye, it’s raki – a boozy, anise-flavored aperitif that’s usually served with seafood or other Turkish dishes. By the way, “serife” is the Turkish word for “cheers”.

Active holiday

For everyone who wants to make their visit to Türkiye more active, please visit or shall we say, sail to Fethiye. It's a traditional market town, and built around the dazzling harbor you will enjoy walking through.
Fethiye is more famous for the sporting activities happening nearby, being one of the world's most famous paragliding sites it's also perfect for all scuba divers out there.

So, did we give you enough good reasons?

This is Why You Should Be Sailing in Türkiye Right Now

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