Top Sailing Itineraries: Seychelles

Wednesday, 27 March 2024

This week we feature a 7-day sailing itinerary for the Seychelles, a marvelous island group in the Indian Ocean, 860 nautical miles off the east coast of Africa. This itinerary has something for everyone, whether you prefer to relax on a gorgeous beach, explore authentic cuisine, fill your schedule with adventures such as hiking and snorkeling, or dive deep into the rich culture and history of this fascinating archipelago.

If you’re planning on sailing Seychelles, Mahé Island is bound to end up on your itinerary. It’s the largest and most populated island in Seychelles but think of Mahé Island as less of a busy metropolis and more of a quaint city where people come to shop, eat, and enjoy more beaches than you could possibly imagine.

Sailing the Seychelles

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

A shoulder-season charter booking may be just the ticket Looking to get lost in a remote island paradise? It doesn’t get much more off the beaten path than the Republic of Seychelles in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The country consists of 115 islands and has a population of...

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