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In close collaboration with Jeanneau, we have developed the best possible ownership programs so that you can do your best yacht deal with us.

Enjoy trouble-free yacht ownership where all operating costs are paid for.

Place your yacht in the Mediterranean, BVI or Bahamas for up to 7 years - get access to sailing and holiday accommodation worldwide!

Navigare Smart - Pay only about half the price of a new boat and let the charter income finance the rest.
Navigare Complete - When you buy the boat in the Navigare Complete program, you get income from your yacht from the charter management.

Common to the various programs, is that it is a worry-free yacht ownership and all costs for maintenance, port fees and service are included.

You get access to our online system "Navigare Service Platform" where all service, maintenance and any repairs on your boat are taken care of and registered.

You can have your yacht with Navigare Yachting for up to 7 years. After the charter management period, there are different options, you can take your yacht home, you can upgrade to a new one or we can also help you sell your yacht.

You always have access to the Holiday Program, which provides access to sailing over 53 destinations worldwide, luxury holiday accommodation on land and skiing in the Alps.

With Navigare Yachting you get the lifestyle most people dream of!

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Yachttyp: Segelyacht
Yachtmarken: Jeanneau
Yachtmodell: Yachts 60
Ort: Croatia, Greece
Gesamtlänge: 60 ft
größte Breite: 17 ft
Tiefgang: 8 ft
Motor: 1 X 110 Hp
Großsegel Typ: klassisch/Standard
Genua Typ: klassisch/Standard
Lenkungstyp: Radsteuerung
Kabinen: 6
WC / Dusche:

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Zielbasis: Kroatien, Griechenland


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