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NAVIGARE YACHTING PROMOTIONAL GIFT CARDS: The following provisions govern the offering of Promotional Gift Cards (as defined below) by Navigare Yachting and are an integral part of the Navigare Yachting Terms and Conditions.

  1. Purchasing Gift Cards. Navigare Yachting offers promotional gift cards (“Gift Cards”) that can be purchased and redeemed exclusively through the Navigare Yachting booking office towards bareboat and crewed sailing charters. Purchasing or redeeming Gift Cards constitutes acceptance of the Navigare Yachting Terms and Conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Gift Cards will be provided by Navigare Yachting in electronic form only.

  2. Redeeming Gift Cards. Gift Cards may only be redeemed through the Navigare Yachting booking office and may not be redeemed towards previous purchases, or through a partner broker/travel agent. Every purchase made with a Gift Card (plus any applicable charges, extras, fees, taxes, and other fees that may apply) is deducted from the Gift Card balance and any unused Gift Card balance will remain on the Gift Card for future use. Gift Card balances will be used against the total charter booking placed with Navigare Yachting and not against specific items of such order. If any booking or add-on exceeds the Gift Card credit, the balance must be paid with a credit card or by wire transfer. The gift card is not redeemable during the weeks of Christmas and New Year's Eve.

  3. Redeemable value and conditions. Gift Cards are redeemable towards a direct booking with Navigare Yachting and the credit applies towards the list price of the yacht only, from the charter services offered by Navigare Yachting as published on the Navigare website before any discount, rebate, promotion, or special credit. The Gift Card use is therefore not compatible with any other offers, and may not be used towards ANY mandatory or optional extras like the Navigare Carefree pack, water toys, gratuity and APA when applicable. Multiple Gift Cards may be used towards the same booking should charter guests decide to do so, particularly when splitting a boat amongst several parties.

  4. Bonus value of "Promotional Gift Cards". The bonus value that may be offered with a Gift Card (twice the sailing value in the case of 50% off "Gift Card" must be redeemed within one year of purchase. Past this deadline, the Gift Card can only be redeemed for the original purchase price paid by the customer.

  5. Applicable charter destinations and services. Gift Cards may be redeemed towards any of the following charter services: Bareboat charter, All inclusive sailing, Cabin charter, Flotilla yacht charter, Sailing school, Luxury Crewed charter, Day Charter and One way charter where applicable. Cabin charter and sailin school is EXCLUDED from the gift card application. The Gift Card redemption is only applicable to the following charter destinations: Croatia (Seget, Dubrovnik), Greece (Athens), Spain (Mallorca), Sweden (Lidingö), Thailand, and the British Virgin Islands. The following destinations are EXCLUDED from the Gift Card application: Turkey, and Newport, RI.

  6. Expiration date & fees. Gift Cards must be redeemed within five years following the purchase, meaning: the charter must be completed within that period. For example, Gift Cards sold by April 20, 2020 must be redeemed by April 19, 2025, with a return date for the charter no later than April 19, 2025. Under no circumstance will Navigare Yachting charge an additional fee in connection with the purchase or redemption of Gift Cards (though additional fees, taxes, and extras may apply to the charter service you selected). While Gift Cards do not expire, the bonus value of a Promotional Gift Card is voided after 1 year from the date of purchase per section 4. above.

  7. Gift Card Balance. The balance of a Gift Card can be reviewed by the purchaser or holder of the Gift Card by requesting such balance from the Navigare booking office at for the Americas, or for Europe and the rest of the World.

  8. Other Restrictions. Balances on multiple Gift Cards cannot be combined into a combined balance on one or more new Gift Cards and Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged, or redeemed together with a discount or special credit. Except as expressly allowed by Navigare Yachting, Gift Cards may not be transferred for value or resold. Except to the extent required by applicable law, Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or checks and Gift Card balances cannot be transferred to credit card accounts or accounts of other means of payment. If applicable law requires Navigare Yachting to redeem Gift Cards for cash, check, or other means of payment, Navigare Yachting reserves the right to select any of the foregoing at its discretion. Gift Cards can only be redeemed for purchases in the currency that matches the currency of the purchased Gift Card. Navigare reserves the right to reject the redemption of Gift Cards and request alternative forms of payment, and take legal actions, if Navigare reasonably believes that Gift Cards are abused or used or obtained fraudulently.

  9. Risk of Loss. The title and risk of loss for Gift Cards passes upon electronic transmission of the Gift Card by Navigare Yachting to the purchaser of the Gift Card. Navigare Yachting has no obligation to replace lost or stolen Gift Cards, but you can report lost or stolen Gift Cards by contacting our Customer Support (


You may have other or additional rights in connection with your purchase or redemption of Gift Cards under the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you reside and nothing in these Terms & Conditions restricts such rights.