Annapolis Boat Shows 14-18 October 2021

Annapolis Boat Shows 14-18 October 2021

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Come and meet us in Annapolis!

Fall is coming! Nature changes colors, the air becomes fresh, and the water becomes clear. Take a deep breath and feel calm. This fall we are also looking forward to something very special, The Annapolis Boat Show! Navigare Yachting will of course attend this globally acclaimed boat show which is one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions of its kind.

A boat show is a unique experience. It's a party! Where sailors from all over the world get the opportunity to gather, exchange experiences, inspect new models, talk to industry representatives, shop, mingle and much, much, more.

Navigare Yachting – 20 years in business!

Navigare Yachting is always present at the most exclusive boat shows. 20 years of business, our knowledge, and expertise makes us your best partner in the yacht purchase process. A Yacht festival with Navigare Yachting is the ultimate way to enter an exclusive club of sailing. We are with you from the first contact, your first sailing journey, and all other journeys after that.


Becoming a yacht owner is much more than just owning a boat. Navigare Yachting is a charter dealer for world-know brands. This means you can own a boat, sail the world and earn money from it. We will of course also guide you when it comes to tax-benefits of yacht investment.

In the purchase process, we guide you while choosing the model that suits you the most, a destination where you wish to place your boat, financial models, charter management. Owning a yacht with us means we take care of the marina place, insurance, winter service, maintenance, spare parts for your yacht. Navigare Yachting concierge service for yacht owners means there are persons dedicated to (help) plan your sailing vacation and assist you during the ownership program.

We have Bali 4.8 and Lagoon 46 with us, come onboard and experience life at sea with us!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Annapolis!

See you there!



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City Dock, Annapolis, MD


October 14, 2021 10am-6:30pm

October 15, 2021 10am-6:30pm

October 16, 2021 10am-6:30pm

October 17, 2021 10am-6:30pm

October 18, 2021 10am-5:00pm


Read more about covid safety at Annapolis Boat Show

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