Do you want these views to be a part of your life?

Do you want these views to be a part of your life?

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This event is cancelled due to new official COVID guidelines!

BUT we can still talk about how you can make these views a part of your life. Instead book an online meeting (use the contact form below), call or write an e-mail to us.

On selected dates in November we'll be in Gothenburg (Gothia Towers) and Stockholm (Clarion Sign) and you can book a personal meeting with us. Of course we'll follow all offical guidelines and recomendations regarding COVID during such a meeting.

When: 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22 of November, 2020.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet us personaly or online and let's talk about how you can make your best lifestyle investment!

Sorry if this has caused you any inconvinience and hope that we all stay safe in these times!


We have a lot of exciting things going on and together with handpicked event partners we want to create unique meetings and experiences together with you this autumn.

We’ll tell you about how you can make a lifestyle investment for the future, while taking part in a completely new way of traveling. We have selected destinations and concepts that give you the best returns, while giving you access to skiing in snow covered mountains, endless sunshine holiday paradises and the most optimal sailing conditions in warm waters.

Invest in a lifestyle, a dream home or a luxurious yacht for you, your family and friends - a way to enjoy your savings and at the same time get maximum return!

Welcome to one of our events in Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden) this autumn to find out more. We will eat, drink, mingle, experience and be inspired together with some of our great friends and event partners.

During a number of weekends in October and November, you can meet us at the autumn events.


Date: postponed

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Date: postponed

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Date: postponed

Sign up event Långedrag

Feel free to book a private meeting with us in connection to one of the events!



Our events of course follow official COVID-19 guidelines and will have a maximum of 50 participants.

NOTE! Remember to rebook if you get flu like symptoms.


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