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November 25:

The portal for travelers is now live:

It includes the payment of the $175 bundle (two PCR test + tracing app and bracelet).

November 16:

The latest public briefing from the BVI Reopening Steering Committee is available through this short video.

Reminders on what we know:

  • The PCR test on arrival will take place at the airport (fom December 1st) or at the ferry terminal (from December 8th), the cost of which is included in the $175 bundle (as well as day-4 test and tracing bracelet)
  • Sailing is allowed during the 4-day quarantine and guests must stay within 30 ft of their vessel
  • Contactless delivery/re-provisioning allowed during the first 4 days
  • Quarantine through day 4 means the guests are free to roam from day 5 with their negative test result

Things we don’t know yet (should be known any day!):

  • The exact locations of the day-4 PCR test sites, but we believe there will many scattered around the islands
  • the details of the travel insurance requirements
  • the approved mooring sites

For more updates, follow: 

November 11:

On November 10, the BVI government made a new announcement regarding its new travel protocols effective with the borders reopening on December 1. The summary of the entry requirements are:

  • PCR test before you fly 5 days before arrival, followed by another PCR test on arrival in the BVI;
  • Register online and submit documents ahead of time for approval at
  • COVID-19 medical travel insurance;
  • Tracing app installed on smartphone and waterproof tracing bracelet applied on arrival in the BVI;
  • Sail away and relax during the 4-day quarantine and follow our suggested itinerary between government-approved mooring sites;
  • Finally, one more PCR test on day 4 of the quarantine before you are set to roam around the BVI freely.

We will share a more detailed summary of current entry protocols with our charter guests ahead of their arrival, and once the details are finalized (and possibly updated over time).

Testing & tracking cost in BVI: $175 per person (not included in your charter cost!). Includes 2 PCR tests and Smartphone App/Tracking Bracelet (any damages to the bracelet and the guest will be charged $125).

Children Under 5 will not be tested.

October 27:

The latest announcement from the BVI government on October 26 provided some information regarding the requirements for travelers who wish to enter BVI, including COVID testing, tracing, and mandatory quarantine. It did not bring sufficient clarity to the question: can guests who wish to quarantine on a charter boat do so, and where can they sail to?

While we are researching that answer, we understand that many guests will not be able to comply with the protocols that we have just learned about. It’s also too early to know when the full scope of the restrictions will be known, and when your charter can take place.

If you wish to wait and understand the protocols better to see how we can accommodate or alter your charter within reason, please note we would like to confirm your booking no later than 30 days before departure. You may reach out to us then, or we will contact you and hopefully by then the above questions will be more clear.

If you already know you won’t charter under the current circumstances, please let me know if you wish to:

• trade your charter for The Bahamas while availability lasts: hopefully on the same vessel and dates
• set new dates to sail in BVI, so that we can guarantee availability for you in the future
• take a voucher to rebook at a future date/yacht/destination to be determined

We ask that guests make their decision no later than 30 days before departure. 

Thank you for your kind patience as we continue to navigate uncharted waters together - pun intended. 

The entire team at Navigare Yachting is standing by to assist with your re-booking and answer questions as you postpone your travels. If you booked your charter through an agent, please contact your agent for assistance.

We wish to thank you for your patience and continued trust in Navigare Yachting.