Navigare Smart Holiday

Navigare "Smart Holiday" Program

If you are looking for the sailing holiday lifestyle and want to regularly enjoy the freedom of the ocean, then Navigare Smart Holiday is a great option for you. This new program is aimed at those who want a holiday lifestyle and enjoy sailing in warm waters, at different destinations, at a significantly low cost. Or want to enjoy skiing in the Swiss alps, a luxury villa in Thailand - all benefits within our Holiday Program that you get access to with the Navigare Smart Holiday Program.

Instead of financing the entire yacht purchase yourself, it is split between you and up to two other investors. You have a share in the yacht, resulting in a significantly lower financing for you. However, you are not dependent on the other Investor as the agreement applies to only you and your share.

Navigare offers a buy-back guarantee at the end of the charter period of 7 years.

Low down payment costs:

When you choose Navigare Smart Holiday you pay half or one third of the total yacht price. You do not receive any revenue from this charter program as the revenue covers the leasing fees, service, maintenance and insurance (with Navigare Service Platform access).


Lagoon 42 in the British Virgin Islands

1/2 share:

  • You pay 136 500€
  • You get 585 high-season points and 390 mid-season points as well as your last minute week.

1/3 share:

  • You pay 91 000€
  • You get 390 high-season points and 260 mid-season points as well as your last minute week.

Highlights of the Smart Holiday Program:

  • Program duration: up to 7 years
  • Holiday Program: 1/3 share in the yacht = 1 high-season week, 1 mid-season week and 1 last-minute week.
  • Service, maintenance & insurance: covered by Navigare Yachting for no added cost (with Service Platform access).

How does it work?

You receive points in our Holiday Program which applies to a yacht model. You can choose to use the Holiday point for sailing or for our big variety of land based destinations.

The equivalent of a 1/3 share is a high season week as well as a mid-season week and also a last minute week.

Why Navigare Smart Holiday?

  • You choose how and where you want to use your Holiday Program points
  • Low down payment.
  • Guaranteed value of at least 80% of the invested capital after 7 years.
  • If you leave earlier than the 7 years, we’ll help you find a new client for your share.

When do I get to sail?

When you choose Navigare Smart Holiday, you take part in Navigare’s exclusive Holiday Program.

Choose between spending your holiday sailing at one of our worldwide destinations, in a luxury villa in Italy, a bungalow in Thailand, or in a ski resort in the Swiss Alps or Aspen, Colorado.

According to Navigare’s unique Holiday Program, the yacht you share will determine the number of points you earn and can redeem any given year. The larger your yacht, the more points to use on a yacht of similar size, or smaller for even more sailing time in one of our 11 Navigare bases.

The number of sailing weeks ultimately varies with the popularity of the season: the more popular the season (peak or high weeks), the more points are required.

The Holiday Program also gives you access to reciprocity sailing in over 50 destinations worldwide. Additionally, we offer a large variety of land holidays and can customize your destination — virtually anywhere in the world! — to suit your desires. Both reciprocal sailing destinations and land holidays are redeemed with high points only. Our dedicated Concierge team will assist you with the planning and booking of your holidays according to your available points.

One email to our sailing concierge and you are booked on your boat or virtually any other boat in our fleet...

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