Navigare Ultimate

Earn up to 12% in yearly income with Navigare

Our Ultimate program was designed to give you the most flexibility while you enjoy all the great perks of being a Navigare owner! You’ll purchase your new boat through Navigare and place it in our charter fleet for 7 years where we assist with the charter operation and your yacht’s maintenance.

Highlights of the Ultimate Program

  • Program duration: up to 7 years
  • Returns: up to 12%, variable, over 7 years.
  • Holiday Program:
    You’re free to sail more or less on any given year, and the income will increase or decrease accordingly.
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  • Service, maintenance & insurance:
    these costs are the responsibility of the yacht owner, but Navigare Yachting performs the maintenance (with Service Platform access)and handles logistics and charter turnover.
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  • Brands offered:
    Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Bavaria, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech, Bali.
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Up to 12% annually, what’s the catch?

We’re sharing with you the most conservative forecast of costs and income, so there is no catch! Over the past two decades, we have established benchmarks that guide our return strategy, and these projections of income are based on historical returns.

The two main factors that will impact the revenue of your yacht are:

  • The location of your yacht: Destinations like the BVI and Seychelles will offer the best return because the charter season is longer, hence your yacht will generate more income each season.
  • The type/model of boat: catamarans in the 40 to 50 ft range will yield the best returns in our programs, because they are among the most popular models among charter clients. Additionally, the configuration that maximizes the number of cabins will generate a better return than “owner versions” (where the master suite is much larger and takes up the space of 2 regular size cabins).

These are two of the most important decisions you will make before you finalize your yacht purchase.

In the Ultimate program, the other variable to keep in mind when attempting to maximize returns, is your amount of sailing time. The more personal time you sail on your yacht, the less income you’ll generate.

Can I leave my boat in charter for less than 7 years?

Absolutely, you decide for how long your yacht will be chartered (rented out), with a minimum of 1 season (1 year). You are free to leave the program ahead of the 7 years with sufficient notice to Navigare so that we can honor or reassign the charter bookings already made on your yacht (usually 12 months).

How is the annual return calculated?

Your annual return is expressed as a percentage of the total purchase price of your yacht — fully equipped & ready to charter, delivered and commissioned to your chosen base of operation. For a yacht delivered to the BVI, this means equipment such as generator and air conditioning, and delivery by cargo to prevent wear and tear on your new yacht!

If the income is variable, what should I expect?

The more your yacht gets chartered (rented out), the more income you will receive. This is particularly true in the earlier years of the program as newer boats are more attractive and will generate higher charter rates.

In the Ultimate program this return is a projection of the average annual return over 7 years, but historically actual returns tend to be higher in the first years, and lower than the average in the last few years. For this reason, this program is particularly well-suited to owners who want to keep their boat in charter for less than 7 years.

When do I get to sail?

When you invest in any of Navigare’s Investment Programs, you take part in Navigare’s exclusive Holiday Program.

Choose between spending your holiday sailing at one of our worldwide destinations, in a luxury villa in Italy, a bungalow in Thailand, or in a ski resort in the Swiss Alps or Aspen, Colorado.

According to Navigare’s unique Holiday Program, the yacht you purchase will determine the number of points you earn and can redeem any given year. The larger your yacht, the more points to use on a yacht of similar size, or smaller for even more sailing time.

However, in the Ultimate program, these sailing guidelines are only recommendations. Remember: you have the flexibility to sail more or less on any given year and the resulting decrease or increase in charter time will impact your income accordingly.

The basis of sailing time within the Holiday Program is up to 8 weeks of pre-booked sailing, plus 8 weeks on short notice, on your own yacht and/or another equivalent yacht in one of our 11 Navigare bases. The number of sailing weeks ultimately varies with the popularity of the season: the more popular the season (peak or high weeks), the more points are required.

The Holiday Program also gives you access to reciprocity sailing in over 50 destinations worldwide. Additionally, we offer a large variety of land holidays and can customize your destination — virtually anywhere in the world! — to suit your desires. Both reciprocal sailing destinations and land holidays are redeemed with high points only. Our dedicated Concierge team will assist you with the planning and booking of your holidays according to your available points.

One email to our sailing concierge and you are booked on your boat or virtually any other boat in our fleet...

How does the charter program work?

When you place your new yacht in charter with Navigare, the professional maintenance and logistics of the charter program are managed directly by our base staff.

The Ultimate program provides the most flexibility in sailing but the returns are not guaranteed — the risk of this venture gives you the chance to earn more income.

If you’re risk-averse, perhaps our guaranteed income program will be a better fit for you. There are no expenses with our Complete Program. The percentage return we commit to, is exactly what you get.

Good to know

  • With the Ultimate program, you should expect a variable income of up to 12% of the total cost of your yacht annually for 7 years (net of operating costs), and if you sail according to the Holiday Program suggestions – however you’re free to sail more or less on any given year, and the income will increase or decrease accordingly.
  • At the end of the charter program, you have the choice to sail away on your yacht, sell the boat to a private owner (out of our fleet), or trade it in for a newer or larger yacht!
  • Over the course of the charter period up to 7 years, you will be responsible for all the costs associated with your yacht’s maintenance and the charter program (we refer to these costs as “operating costs”), and Navigare will remit to you the largest part of the income according to the charter activity on your yacht (net of agency fees if applicable).
  • Our robust service plan consists of a very detailed maintenance schedule that is followed by our own technicians, and every task is recorded in our online maintenance platform – a proprietary tool we created to share the history of your yacht’s maintenance with you and to streamline communication and the workflow. This proprietary system creates the most accountability and transparency in the charter industry today. It ensures that your yacht remains in the best condition for charter guests for at least 7 seasons – and it will command a higher resale value at the end of the program.
  • Buying your yacht in charter is one of the best ways to significantly offset your cost of ownership. For example, many investors choose this option to finance their future live-aboard ahead of retirement.

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