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How Yacht Investors, Charter Guests & Employees Benefit

While browsing through the Navigare Groups online and offline one often comes across the phrase “Only Swedish Operator with 8 Bases in 7 Countries”, or the explanation that when purchasing a yacht from our fleet, the Owners & Charter Guests will experience ‘Scandinavian Quality & Service”. We felt it necessary to expand on our Scandinavian traits, why we feel it is important to explain our core values, and how our Scandinavian influence enhances our yachting business.

Navigare Yachting stands for solid solutions with a high standard, sustainable business model & quality along with excellent personalized services. Navigare Yachting work ethics and standards show respect for both employees’ and customers’ needs. This is more than just a phrase for it embodies the values that run through every aspect of the organization.

Our core values are:

  • Austerity / Honesty
  • Respect (for the individual, respect others around you and yourself, fair treatment)
  • Openness (What you see is what you get)
  • Innovative & adoptive (We are always looking for improvements, see opportunity and grab it, we are not afraid of change)
  • Energetic (We want to deliver a product/service better than anyone in the market)
  • Endurance (we are in it for the long haul, not aiming for short term gains.

Our Swedish headquarters are based in Malmö, Sweden. The Company is considered one of the Top 2 Charter Companies throughout Europe and now expanding into their second year in the Caribbean. We are not aiming for short term gains, but ensuring consistent endurance of growth, which has been proven by now with over 200 yachts worldwide in 8 Bases in 7 Countries.

Navigare Yachting is a well-organized company, a common trait amongst Scandinavian Countries. Yacht Owners & Employees are always able to take comments and questions directly to the Boss erasing some of the common chain– of – command issues that exists in other Countries. This trait is highly regarded amongst Navigare Yachting Investors & Yacht Owners. The feeling of security and equality in the workplace is a strong advantage when doing business with Navigare Yachting, and the effective communication between Employees and Owners is proving to be very lucrative. Thus, it provides a top-notch quality charter service to thousands of customers per year.

Navigare Yachting generally feels much better if ideas, new policies are discussed openly and the general consensus is met across all levels. Consistent growth and financial security for Navigare Yachting has benefitted from this typical Swedish trait.

Since 1995, this is exactly what Navigare Yachting stands for: “Scandinavian Quality & Service”: Offering a perfectly personalized, carefree charter holiday & yacht sales process with a top of the notch service, amazing locations and highly trained staff. We are the only Swedish organizer with a fully owned fleet in Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Sweden, and will go out of our way for you to experience a smooth sailing and an easy yacht charter buying process.

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