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Our Base Address

Yacht Club Seget
Konacvine 15 21218
21218 Donji Seget

ACI Marina Dubrovnik
Na Skali 2
20236 Mokošica-Komolac


Communication Before Your Charter

We ask that our guests submit the crew list with dates and times of arrival and departure at least two weeks prior to the charter to allow the base to prepare and make the necessary arrangements and transfers if requested. The link to submit the crew list and arrival details is on your booking contract and can be filled in by one person, or in succession (one part of the group fills out their info, then, using the same link, the other part of the group can fill out their details). This information must be provided (or updated) no later than two weeks before your charter.

We also must have your sailing license and credentials on file, please review the requirements for Croatia.

Locating the Base - Trogir

Locating the Base - Dubrovnik

Marina Amenities

  • Shower and toilet
  • Security services
  • Small fuel station for yachts
  • Car parking
  • Markets
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • ATM

Base office is open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Prior to Boarding, a mandatory check-in takes place:

  • The check-in includes both a Charter Briefing and a Boat Briefing to be held starting from 5:00 pm on the day of the scheduled departure.
  • The skipper/captain must be present during both the Charter Briefing and the Boat Briefing.

If you arrive at boarding time (after 5 pm): We welcome the head charterer (one person) to go to the office for documentation and check-in.

If you arrive early: Enjoy the cafés and restaurants until boarding.

Leaving the Dock

Charters can leave the dock at any time after boarding documentation and check-in are completed. For safety reasons, please let us know if you plan to spend your first night aboard your vessel in the base.

Arrival After Hours

If you arrive after hours (from 7 pm on): Please contact the base beforehand so they can make sure your boat is open.


Checkout must be completed by 9 am on the last day of your charter reservation.

By that time, guests and their luggage will have departed the boat and returned it in broom clean condition, with dishes clean and put away, and the fuel tank(s) filled. Be sure to plan enough time to refuel your yacht.

Remember: prior to returning to the base, per the instructions you will receive during your check-in, the waste tank(s) will need to be emptied at sea. Failure to comply with these requirements will incur extra guest charges.

Please return to the base the day before checkout by 6 pm

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