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Start your sailing adventure with Navigare Yachting!

Navigare Yachting makes it possible for you to indulge in an exotic luxury charter yacht holiday, to your choice of four incredible sailing holiday locations around the world!
 - Croatia Cabin Charter offers two options to sample the leisure and entertainment opportunities of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast
 - Greece Cabin Charter explores wonderful islands and destinations in the Aegean Sea and the fabulous Saronic Gulf.
 - Spain Cabin Charter explores Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, a premier Mediterranean sun & fun holiday destination.

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Navigare offers cabin charter in 3 different locations

Available dates


  • Experience Croatia (2024) Starting from 11.05.2024. and available until 16.10.2024.


  • Starting from 18.05.2024. and available until 28.09.2024.


  • Starting from 12.05.2024. and available until 06.10.2024.

Navigare Carefree Cabin Charter Package

  • Pre-planned route (choose from Croatia, Greece, BVI, or Spain routes)
  • Skipper and Hostess
  • 7-night cruise with half board service (breakfast + lunch or breakfast + dinner)
  • Drinks on board (half-liter wine or 1-liter beer per passenger/day)
  • 1 liter water per passenger/day 
  • Fuel
  • Moorings
  • Tourist tax
  • Organization costs

Your Charter Yacht Crew Is Ready to Take You on a Holiday Adventure!

Navigare Yachting Cabin Charter

Imagine the amazing vacation you can have if you're given a yacht, a crew, and the freedom to explore the world's most celebrated sailing locales, as only a privileged few are able. Now you and your group of family or friends can!

Our Navigare Carefree Cabin Charter Package includes:

  • Pre-planned route (choose from Croatia, Greece, or Spain routes)
  • Skipper and Hostess
  • 7-night cruise with half-board service (breakfast + lunch)
  • Drinks on board (half-liter wine or 1-liter beer per passenger/day)
  • 1-liter water per passenger/day
  • Fuel
  • Moorings
  • Tourist tax
  • Organization costs

This is the perfect sailing holiday if you want the most relaxing, convenient, and responsibility-free vacation experience possible, with a group of like-minded fellow couples and sailing holiday enthusiasts.


This is a chance to make wonderful new friends on the open sea, while still enjoying the privacy and relaxation of your cabin.


Why Our Guests Choose a Cabin Charter

Here are some of the reasons Navigare Yachting is preferred around the world by experienced yacht vacationers:


Luxury Yacht Charter BVI Croatia

Cabin Charter in Croatia, Greece, and Spain

Exceptional Service

We know exactly what it takes to deliver a peak holiday experience for couples and solo travelers who may be new to sailing, and we prioritize exceeding your highest expectations for efficient, friendly, and exceptional service.

Highly Trained & Experienced Crews

We select our crews based on their proven mastery of every sailing and hospitality detail required, you'll be in the hands of the best Skipper and Hostess you can find.

Premier Destinations

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, the Greek Islands, Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, and the British Virgin Islands are among the most spectacular and desirable sailing destinations in the world. Navigare Yachting makes them all possible for you!

Advanced Yachts

Our fleet of yachts is modern and equipped to the highest standards, with a full complement of amenities and advanced features, including water toys for everyone to have fun in the sun!

Local Expertise

We don't choose just any crews. Navigare Yachting selects experienced Skippers and Hostesses, who know the local waters and the ins and outs of every quaint town and exciting leisure destination. They'll provide superior guidance to ensure you enjoy the best holiday possible, with visits to the most enjoyable destinations.

We Make it Easy for Our Guests

NO deposit required, NO hidden costs, NO insurance needed (we provide insurance with your package), NO cleaning required (we take care of that for you), all damages covered, faster check-in, airport transfers, and more. Navigare Yachting lets you and your guests focus on having fun and enjoying the sailing vacation of a lifetime!


With a Cabin Charter Yacht Vacation from Navigare Yachting, everything is managed to ensure your relaxation, enjoyment, and satisfaction are guaranteed. Let us guide you on a sailing vacation you and your guests will never forget!

Cabin Yacht Charter

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Frequently Asked Cabin Charter Questions

If you would like to book online, you can pay either with a credit card or via bank transfer.

Based on when you book a cabin and the charter date you have an option to pay in up to 6 installments if you are paying with a credit card. For example, if you choose to pay with a credit card and you book the cabin more than 6 months before the departure date, you will have the option to pay in up to 6 installment payments. The web application will calculate and offer you the maximum number of installments.

Based on the number of monthly installments, we will send you the payment links every month to your email address (the one you submitted at the time of booking). If you choose the bank transfer payment option, you will have the option to pay in up to two installments. Our agent will send you documentation containing bank account information.

The charter fee must be fully paid prior to the charter.

After you request the charter, we will send you an automated confirmation. If you do not receive one, please check your spam folder. The email will contain information on the login to the member area. After we receive your request for the charter, our representative will contact you and send you the booking confirmation (in the case of the bank transfer it will state the needed payment amount). In case of credit card payment, we will contact you with the booking confirmation, and our representatives will take you through the whole process.

We have made it possible for you to explore our boats fully online. If needed our team can help you out via chat or direct communication to answer all the additional questions you might have regarding the cabin or our services.  By choosing to book directly online, you can rely on our dedicated team to communicate with you from the beginning to the end of your chartered trip and make sure you have the perfect sailing vacation. By booking online you have an option to pay in monthly installments. By booking directly with us you save time regarding booking a cabin and spending your vacation sailing.

3D / 360 VR tours may differ in some details from the exact yacht as they are based on the same model and layout of the yacht. Minor details on the yacht may differ.

If the Charterer who has made a reservation makes a cancellation more than 120 days before embarkation – a cancellation fee of 500 EUR applies. If cancellation occurs 119 to 60 days before embarkation, NY has the right to the retention of 50% of the charter fee. If cancellation occurs 59 days or less before embarkation, NY has the right to the retention of 100% of the charter fee. If the cancellation is due to objective reasons (death in the family, heavy injury, etc.), the paid price will not be paid back but NY will give the Vessel at the Charterer's disposal in another free period or within the next sailing season, but in this case, NY has the right to charge Charterer with administration and other objective costs. In any other case, NY is not obliged to return the Charterer amount paid in accordance with this Contract.