Cabin Charter Greece

Enjoy a Shared Yachting Vacation

This is the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient way to have the sailing holiday of a lifetime. Greece and the Saronic Gulf can only truly be appreciated with the wind at your back and the sun in your face, on your own luxury boat from Navigare Yachting.
- Pay only a fraction of the cost of a traditional yacht rental, and enjoy using those savings during your journey. You'll meet fellow adventurers who are eager to enjoy the relaxation, history, and amazing nightlife of the Greek Islands.
- Our experienced skipper and hostess will conduct your journey, including preparation of meals and making certain you have a uniquely privileged look at all the pleasures the islands have to offer. Our crews know how to make your sailing holiday a treasure you will never forget!

Available dates

Starting from: 04.04.2020.


Starting from

  • €1.850
  • Double cabins on Luxury Line Catamaran Lagoon 400
  • Base: Agios Kosmas Marina, Athens, Greece

Navigare Carefree Cabin Charter

  • Pre-planned route
  • Skipper and Hostess
  • 7-night cruise with half board meal service (breakfast + lunch)
  • Drinks on board (half-liter wine or 1 liter beer per passenger/day)
  • 1 liter water per passenger/day
  • Fuel
  • Moorings
  • Tourist tax
  • Organization costs

Cabin Charter Greece features

Cabins available on
  • Catamaran
Yacht models
  • Lagoon 400 Luxury Yacht
Available route
  • Includes: Saronic Gulf, Kea, Kithnos, Serifos, Siros, Spetses, Dhokos and Hydra
  • Luxury line catamaran
Cabin types
  • Double cabins

Navigare Yachting - Cabin Charter Greece

Lagoon 400 S2, Jema (Cabin charter) port bow

Greece Luxury Crewed Lagoon 400 S2 - Jema (Cabin charter) port bow



Charter Type: Cabin Charter
Yacht Model: Lagoon 400 S2
Length: 11.97 m

Price per week / Season 2021

Price per week / Season 2021

01.01. - 16.04.
$ 2,128
17.04. - 23.04.
$ 2,346
24.04. - 14.05.
$ 2,599
15.05. - 04.06.
$ 2,760
05.06. - 02.07.
$ 2,990
03.07. - 30.07.
$ 3,232
31.07. - 13.08.
$ 3,554
14.08. - 10.09.
$ 3,186
11.09. - 24.09.
$ 2,990
25.09. - 08.10.
$ 2,599
09.10. - 15.10.
$ 2,346
16.10. - 31.12.
$ 2,128

Experience the Luxury of a Greece Cabin Charter Holiday

Cabin Charter Greece

Cabin Charter Greece - Windmills on Serafos island

The Greek Islands are a premium vacation destination: warm weather, azure Mediterranean waters, and friendly people on 6000+ islands seemingly scattered by the Gods themselves! The lush waters of the Aegean and the Cyclades bring you exciting new experiences with each passing day.

  • Discover picturesque villages with wonderful local hospitality and experience the friendly atmosphere of everyday Greek island life
  • Listen to the echoes of Gods, Goddesses, and ancient heroes, in a place where history stretches back thousands of years.
  • Dance the “Sirtaki” and indulge in famous Greek cuisine, with specialties like souvlaki, mousakka, and kleftiko.

Navigare Yachting Cabin Charter Greece Lagoon 400

The Lagoon 400 is an advanced, very modern yacht, filled with all the amenities you expect from a boat built for comfort and luxury pleasure cruising:

  • Four separate guest cabins (two fore, two aft) are spaced to allow both total comfort and optimal privacy, for a premier level of enjoyment during your holiday.
  • Single large roof creates a shaded and comfortable exterior saloon, with ample space to lounge and enjoy the outdoors at sea.
  • Large aft transoms feature a spacious swim platform, access to water toys, and easy boarding, while the forward sunbathing area allows full access to sun & fun recreation.
  • Teak woodwork, whitewashed surfaces, and brass embellishments add an element of luxury to the interior.

Modern fittings and luxury upgrades provide a very high level of comfort, performance, and enjoyment. Hull windows provide excellent natural light and wide views. Enjoy the creature comforts of modern sailing elegance, courtesy of Navigare Yachting.


Navigare Yachting Cabin Charter Route

Navigare Yachting prepared available sailing route for your holiday adventure in Greece!

Greece Cabin Charter Route Details


Cabin Charter Greece

Donkeys at Hydra island - Shops on Kea island - Vaporia on Syros island - Serifos island

DAY 1: Saronic Gulf to Kea: Kea is a a major sailing Greece destination on the western fringe of the Cyclades, with abundant options for entertainment on land or in the warm sea waters. There are numerous shipwrecks to explore and wonderfully beautiful coves and beaches.

DAY 2: Kea to Kithnos: Kithnos is home to dozens of picturesque anchorages and ports. This is a traditional island with a leisurely pace of life. Frolic along the idyllic coastline in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea and venture ashore to experience authentic Greek cuisine at a variety of restaurants and beach side cafes.

DAY 3: Kithnos to Serifos: The towns of Chora and Livadi are the gateway to other destinations in the Cyclades and the harbor approach beneath towering cliffs is one of the scenic wonders of the region. The island is small, unspoiled, and genuine, with rugged terrain and gorgeous Aegean views.

DAY 4: Serifos to Siros: By day, explore the peaceful local waters for swimming and water play. Then come ashore, the beautiful ports of Siros are home to exquisite restaurants, entertaining bars, and welcoming hospitality, amid dramatic Aegean scenery that beckons you to indulge and relax.

DAY 5: Siros to Spetses: This glamorous island caters to a fun-loving luxury crowd, with irresistible options for dining and entertainment. Hike inland to see one of Greece's green paradises, with craggy hills and lovely terrain that demands to be experienced first-hand.

DAY 6: Spetses to Dhokos and Hydra: Dhokos is a popular day stop to enjoy the abundant coves and ancient shipwrecks. Continue on to the island of Hydra, an incredibly beautiful and peaceful island that is little changed from the 19th century – no motorized vehicles are allowed! The harbor town is filled with boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and entertainment options, and the island is filled with trails, beaches, and natural areas to explore.

DAY 7: Hydra to Athens: One final day, with a last chance to sail and play by day, then come ashore and experience the ample pleasures of Athens by night. This is an unforgettable cultural and entertainment destination.



NOTE: Planned routes may be changed according to weather or other circumstances.


Gourmet Dining on the High Sea

Cabin Charter Greece

Breakfast - Moussaka

Our Cabin Charter Greece Package includes half-board meal service (breakfast and lunch). Waking up every morning to a gourmet breakfast and refueling with an amazing lunch and snacks is the ultimate treat on the open sea. Your hostess will prepare for you a variety of tasty meals, including authentic Greek cuisine:

BREAKFASTS including fresh fruit salad, egg dishes cooked to order, omelets, smoked salmon on bagel or toast w/ cream cheese, fresh olives and cheeses, and fruit juices, coffee, tea, and milk.

LUNCHES AND SNACKS including calamari salad, spicy roasted shrimp sandwich, citrus-infused shrimp noodle salad, swordfish sandwiches and tacos, lobster salad wraps, smoked oysters wrapped in bacon, veggie crisps w/ coriander hummus, squash & goat cheese bruschetta, and shrimp spring rolls.


Navigare Carefree Cabin Charter – What is included?

Cabin Charter Greece

Enjoy the Greek Islands of the Aegean in total comfort and luxury, with everything included that you need to make your vacation truly memorable. Our Navigare Carefree Package includes:

  • Bed sheets & towels
  • Full water tanks
  • Gas
  • Outboard engine & fuel
  • Coffee supplies
  • Half-board meal service
  • Free Wi-Fi (10 GB/day)
  • Dinghy
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Flotation ring w/ rope
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Kayak
  • Final cleaning

Cabin Charter Greece

It's not a dream – you can enjoy the epic vacation sights and adventures of the Aegean, in ultimate style and privilege. Your own private cabin on a Greek islands yacht charter allows you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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