How to prepare your visit to the boat show

How to prepare your visit to the boat show

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 / Published in Blog
How to prepare your visit to the boat show

If you are considering a yacht purchase and are browsing new boat models at a boat show, it is possible you may need to obtain financing to make your dream come true. And getting pre-qualified is, by far, the most important preparation you can do.

This step shows an absolute commitment to buying a boat, and lets you know what size boat (and budget!) is appropriate for you and your sailing program.

Similarly to getting pre-qualified ahead of purchasing a home, you will contact a financial institution, provide some information regarding your income and assets, and will know within a few days what is the maximum monthly payment you can afford and under what circumstances -- think down payment, term (length) of the loan, and interest rate.

As you already know, there are many advantages to buying a new yacht and placing it in a charter fleet, as opposed to buying a boat striclty for private use. Whether you're considering a charter program to offset your cost of ownership, to sail in more destinations throughout the world, or to delegate the maintenance and avoid hidden costs, we applaud your diligence in thoroughly researching the options available on the market today. We look forward to working with you to design a charter program that will suit your needs! 

This boat show season, Navigare Yachting USA is partnering with LH Finance, a well-trusted name in marine lending. To request pre-qualification, simply visit: Upon pre-qualification, you will receive 2 complimentary boat show tickets, and will gain access to exclusive VIP lounges at the Newport, Annapolis, or Miami boat shows.

Here are few more tips to guide you as you scour the docks in search for your next yacht:

  • Bigger is not always better. Sometimes a smaller boat is all you need. Ask yourself "What is the smallest boat that I can be comfortable with?"
  • Come with an open mind. The boat you thought you (or your spouse) fell in love with may not be the perfect one.
  • Make an appointment in advance. Boat shows are hectic, our Navigare staff will be glad to carve out time and give you a much better visit.

To make an appointment with Navigare and explore our yacht ownership programs, follow these links to RSVP for the 2019 Newport boat show, or to RSVP for the 2019 Annapolis boat show.

Shoud you have any questions, please contact Navigare by email, or engage in live Chat with one of our representatives.