Sailing With Your Baby - Ensuring Your Little One's Safety While Out On the Water

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Sailing With Your Baby - Ensuring Your Little One's Safety While Out On the Water

Statistics show that 1 in 3 Swedish adults go boating annually, and this translates to 2.5 million boating enthusiasts. If you love boating, you probably like enjoying the experience with your family. However, what if you want to go on a yachting trip with your baby? Sailing with a baby can be challenging, but if you take steps to ensure safety, then bringing your baby along can be very enjoyable.

Get your baby a life jacket

Just like any other person on the boat, your baby should have a proper infant life jacket (also known as a personal floatation device). Depending on your baby's age, you may not find a life jacket that fits. That is why it's recommended you only boat with an infant weighing at least 18 pounds so that his or her life jacket can fit. Most babies reach that weight when they are between 5 and 11 months, but be sure to follow the weight guideline. You'll also notice that all infant life jackets have an extra head cushion, which is designed to keep the baby's head clear of the water.

Designate a protected area for the baby

If you are going boating with your little one, there should be a protected area on the yacht for the baby. This may come in handy, especially when you're out on the water and everyone's help is needed to drop anchor, dock, or maybe deal with an emergency.  Such situations may mean that there is no one to look after your baby, so putting him or her in a protected area will prevent the risk of falling or playing around dangerous areas. In case you're held up with other activities on the yacht, you can place a baby monitor in the protected area, especially one with a camera. This way you will be able to keep an eye on your baby through the video feed from the monitor, and this will also reduce the stress of multitasking on the yacht.

Prepare a shade

Temperatures can get very high out on the water, especially during the summer. And if your baby is not protected from the sun, he or she can feel overheated or sick. To keep your baby cool, you can provide some shade by using a bimini top. This top is usually effective in blocking the sun's rays and can keep a large part of your yacht cool. It may also help to bring along a sun hat or an extra beach umbrella to provide your baby an extra layer of protection, especially where a bimini top can't provide shade.

Sailing With Your Baby - Ensuring Your Little One's Safety While Out On the Water

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