Why Place a Boat in Charter With Navigare Yachting

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Why Place a Boat in Charter With Navigare Yachting

If you've recently visited a boat show and learned about ownership programs in the charter, you may be asking yourself, “Why to place a new boat in a charter fleet?”

At Navigare Yachting, our response is typical, “What are you looking to accomplish?”

Many of our boat owners are looking for a great way to get lots of sailing time in and not have to pay for it. Buying a boat in a charter program is the best way to significantly offset your cost of ownership.

Other owners are looking for maximum revenue with an investment that diversifies their portfolio, with returns that will far exceed that of a CD!

Some are looking for the best potential tax benefits.

If you are looking for a program that allows you to buy a yacht, place it in charter and have it paid off at the end of the term so that you can sail away... we have a plan for that, too!

If you sail a couple of weeks or more per year and can afford to purchase a new boat, placing a boat in our charter fleet is a hassle-free way to accomplish that goal.

When you place your new yacht in charter with Navigare, the professional maintenance and logistics of the charter program are entirely on us. As a bonus, you can receive a guaranteed revenue of up to 9% annually for up to 7 years. One email to our sailing concierge and you are booked on your boat or virtually any other boat in our fleet...

The guaranteed income program, which we call the "Complete Program" is designed to cover the cost of the mortgage and even generate some additional revenue. There are no other expenses with our Complete Program. The percentage return we commit to is exactly what you get.

Historically, the highest returns to our owner-investors are with our shared revenue program, the "Ultimate Program". We will walk you through the process to build your business and even recommend an independent CPA to guide you. Navigare Yachting will assist you with all of the operations, marketing, and booking of your yacht. You will be responsible for paying some of the ongoing costs out of your charter proceeds. The marginally higher risk of the Ultimate Program comes with higher rewards. And you may even be eligible for generous tax benefits through active yacht ownership, the practice of managing an active business.

If your sailing habit requires that you sail much more than the typical sailor, and are willing to give up some potential revenue, sail away to your heart's content with Navigare Yachting. You may not maximize your revenue, but you will maximize your sailing fun!

With a larger down payment, we can get you into a yacht that will be paid off entirely at the end of the charter term. This will allow you to sail regularly on your boat and sail away, anywhere in the world with a fully paid off the boat at the end of your charter term.

Where are you going to sail off to?

Contact us to learn more about our programs, and know yachts availability for brands like Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon or Bali catamarans, or monohulls from Jeanneau, and Beneteau among many others!

Why Place a Boat in Charter With Navigare Yachting

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