The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands locally known as nature's little secrets are easily the best sailing destination in the Caribbean, and arguably one of the best in the world. warm weather year round, consistent trade winds and line of sight sailing make the BVI a sailor's paradise.

Over 60 islands and cays, mostly unspoiled, with fabulous white sand beaches, plentiful marine life, crystal clear waters and a relaxed island vibe. There are the spectacular boulders of Virgin Gorda and the picturesque village and beaches of Jost van Dyke along with the diversity and seclusion of the other 40 sister islands, islets and cays.

The British Virgin Island’s truly do offer something for everyone. whether you are looking to escape it all, in the privacy of your own secluded beach, or join the exhilarating and debaucheries escapades where most charterers begin, and the place to which cruising sailors the world over make pilgrimages by the hundreds, year after year.

There is no better way to explore the delights of the BVI than by sailboat. Offering sheltered waters with minimal tidal currents, few unmarked hazards, line-of-sight navigation, excellent navigation aids, short hops to new destinations.

Whether you are looking for a Catamaran or a Monohull, a week or just a few days, a crewed yacht or a bareboat, our professional team is on hand to make it work your way. Our fleet is dedicated to sailing in Caribbean, ranging from 31’ to 54‘, all maintained to the highest of standards.
Come and experience the smooth sailing, relaxed atmosphere and attentive customer service we have to offer.

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Sailing seasons in BVI

BVI wintertime is set by what some call "high season", a term used to signify the busy time of the year for the highest number of visitors visiting the BVI. December 15 through April 15 is the high season, with the weather being the optimum, especially for those coming from the frigid temperatures back home.

The pre-high season begins around mid-November with the daytime temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lowering to the mid 70's at night. Come summertime, around June, things begin to change the warmer temperatures. Temperatures tend to go into the high 80's during the day and dropping to the high 70's at night.

Keep in mind nearly year round the trade winds that come off the African coast keeps the humidity factor way down. July through mid-September can be on the warm side, daytime temperatures reaching the low 90's and the nighttime temperatures dipping into the low 80's.

July to October is our hurricane season. Whilst many people are concerned to charter during this time, there really is a very low chance of a hurricane affecting your vacation. In the unusual event of a hurricane heading directly for the islands, we may need to call the boat back in. We will help you to find a hotel, at your expense, and you will be refunded, or offered credit, for lost time on the boat, during the period we have recalled the boat. Circumstances permitted, once the storm has passed you will be able to continue your charter as normal.