Experience the Ultimate Luxury Sailing Adventure With the Bali Catspace Sail

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For sun-seekers and avid sailors alike who enjoy the thrill of sailing and the serenity of relaxing at sea in equal measures, look no further than the Bali Catspace for your next yacht purchase or charter. A 2021 nominee for the Multihull of the Year award, the Bali Catspace is renowned for its sailing qualities, its luxury living, and its functional flexibility.

What makes the Bali Catspace so Unique?

Conceived by Olivier Poncin and designed by Lasta Design, the Bali Catspace is a hybrid of performance and quality and is prepared for the smoothest sailing experience. From the expertly crafted sailing conditions to the perfectly balanced living chambers, discover what makes this yacht so special.

Latest Innovations in Cruising

Nothing beats the blissful feeling of smooth sailing in open water, cruising through the waves with the wind in your hair and the salted spray bouncing off your cheeks. Combining the latest innovations in cruising technology, the Bali Catspace glides effortlessly through the water, allowing for an invigorating sailing experience.


The latest of the Bali range models, this stunning yacht is composed of elegant soft lines with inverted bows flaring upwards to create a racy silhouette. Designed with sailing efficiency in mind the integral deck allows for maximum movement across the sailboat and blends seamlessly into the living quarters.

Luxury Comfort Living

Constructed with all the luxuries of an on-shore residence, you can truly feel at home, even when out at sea, onboard the Bali Catspace.


During the day, relax in comfort on the outer deck, spending your afternoons on the spacious lounge area surrounded by sparkling blue water as you unwind, chasing a sun-kissed glow. When you start to feel a little bit peckish, prepare and enjoy your favorite food with an onboard kitchen fully equipped to whip up delicious meals.


In the evening, create treasured memories with your family or friends in front of the sea, sunsets, and stars, with panoramic views from the helm that transport you across the horizon. After indulging in an alfresco dinner, retire to one of four spacious cabins for a night of deep sleep, each room naturally equipped with its bathroom.

Indoor-Outdoor Flexible Living Space

With a generous deck space of 70m2, which is especially unique for a 40 ft catamaran, sailing with the Bali Catspace is a truly freeing experience.

With the option for as much or as little openness as you desire, the yacht's tilt-and-turn door can be adjusted to reveal a dramatically open space that transforms the cockpit and galley area into an outside entertainment zone.


This incredible indoor-outdoor setting combines the feeling of the unrestricted freedom of being at sea with the exclusivity of being onboard your private yacht. Whether you enjoy the feeling of the sea breeze whilst you dine or require that extra dose of privacy, the choice is entirely yours. The Bali Catspace can be tailored at a whim to suit your current desire within a matter of seconds, and truly enhances your overall sailing experience.

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Experience the Ultimate Luxury Sailing Adventure With the Bali Catspace Sail

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