The "Smart" Yacht Ownership Program

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If you’ve been looking for a way to sail the world while only paying for half of your new yacht, Navigare Smart is the ownership program you've been waiting for!

This recorded presentation explores the "Smart Program" from Navigare. Navigare Smart will suit investors looking for a lower total investment, or wanting a hassle-free path to ownership. A down payment of 40-55% of the purchase price is required, and the charter income will finance the rest.

By the end of the term, the yacht is yours -- and you’re free to sell the boat or simply sail away!

Placing your new yacht in charter in the Navigare fleet will allow you to enjoy lots of sailing time while minimizing the hassle and cost of maintenance. Buying your yacht in the charter is one of the best ways to significantly offset your cost of ownership.

Many investors choose one of our yacht ownership programs (Complete, Ultimate, or Smart) to buy their future live-aboard ahead of retirement.

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The "Smart" Yacht Ownership Program

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