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Two yachts from the same size range, but with different features & characteristics.

For sailing enthusiasts, choosing the perfect yacht is an important decision. Two highly regarded yacht models, the Oceanis 40.1 and the Dufour 41, are often in the spotlight. In this comprehensive comparison, we look at several crucial aspects, including safety, price, comfort and features, performance, suitability for charter and the general pros and cons of both yachts. Let's take a closer look at these two models.

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About the Oceanis 40.1

The Oceanis 40.1, a creation of the renowned French yacht manufacturer Beneteau, is known for its modern design and user-friendly equipment. It is aimed at a wide range of seafarers, from beginners to experienced sailors.

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About the Dufour 41

The Dufour 41, another French masterpiece, is produced by the young shipyard Dufour Yachts, which is known for its unique spatial concept. Dufour yachts are known for their performance-oriented design and opulent interiors.


Safety is of the utmost importance on the open sea. Both the Oceanis 40.1 and the Dufour 41 are equipped with the latest safety features to give you peace of mind when sailing. Our team at Navigare Yachting will ensure that you have the ideal safety equipment on board when purchasing a new yacht.

Oceanis 40.1:

Wide side decks and handrails ensure safe movement on deck and reduce the risk of accidents. 

Various equipment options such as a bow thruster or furling main as well as different mast and keel lengths can be selected as required.

Self-tailing winches make handling the sails easier, which further increases safety and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Dufour 41:

A spacious, well-protected cockpit increases safety by allowing sailors to maneuver without being exposed to wind and weather.

Modern safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and emergency flares are standard.

The robust rigging of the Dufour 41 contributes to its overall stability, a key factor for safety when traveling.


Price is a key factor when choosing a yacht. The Oceanis 40.1 and the Dufour 41 are both suitable for different budgets and individual ideas and wishes, although they both have a similar price level and equipment options.

Oceanis 40.1:

Generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for price-conscious sailors, Oceanis 40.1 offers excellent value for money given her equipment, comfort and performance.

Dufour 41:

The Dufour 41 is slightly more expensive, but justifies its price with improved performance and luxurious amenities.

It appeals to those who want a high-quality sailing experience.

With our three management programs, buying either of these yachts is possible for buyers regardless of the size of their budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Comfort and Equipment

Sailing should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and both yachts aim to offer exactly what makes them excellent charter yachts. When choosing your layout, various options are available for both models, making them very suitable for charter. We are happy to reconcile your wishes with the best practice of our charter fleet.

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Oceanis 40.1:

A spacious and well-ventilated interior with ample headroom ensures comfort on long journeys. 

Its comfortable cabins and inviting saloon provide a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.

A well-equipped galley allows for culinary adventures onboard, whether it's a quick meal or an elaborate feast.

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Dufour 41:

The Dufour 41 takes comfort onboard to a whole new level with its luxurious and upscale interior design.

An innovative layout, ample storage space and high-quality amenities ensure a relaxed experience.

High-quality fittings and furnishings further emphasize the opulent appearance of the yacht.

The sailing yacht also makes optimal use of space thanks to the innovative details and offers a bright saloon thanks to the many windows.


The performance of a yacht can have a significant impact on your sailing experience. Both yachts are designed to provide smooth and enjoyable cruising, but they both have different focuses.

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Oceanis 40.1:

Designed for sailors looking for a relaxed, carefree sailing experience.

A balanced sail plan provides stability and manageable handling, making her ideal for long distance cruising and leisurely coastal exploration.

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Dufour 41:

Performance-oriented design with a focus on speed and agility.

Her high-performance sail plan and rigging provide the best conditions for an exciting sailing experience and make her a good choice for combining comfort and sporty sailing. When designing the yacht, you can give the boat a sporty or more leisurely focus in sailing performance through various equipment options - just as you wish.

Suitability for charter

When you buy your yacht through us and place it in our charter fleet, we help you generate the best possible income. Key factors such as guest capacity, layout and equipment onboard will of course impact how suitable the boat is for charter.

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Oceanis 40.1:

With her spacious cabins, she comfortably accommodates small charter groups.

Her versatile layout is suitable for both experienced sailors and beginners.

Charter-friendly features such as an easy-to-operate anchor winch and a well-protected cockpit make her a solid and safe choice for charter guests.

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Dufour 41:

She offers a more luxurious charter experience with a higher level of comfort and style.

The spacious layout is suitable for larger charter groups.

The first-class amenities appeal to discerning charter clients looking for an upscale experience.

General advantages and disadvantages of both yachts in a nutshell

Oceanis 40.1:



User-friendly design.

Suitable for family cruises.

Practical and comfortable.


May lack the sailing performance desired by experienced sailors

The interior may be less luxurious compared to the Dufour 41.

Dufour 41:


Powerful sailing characteristics.

Luxurious and well-equipped interior.

Suitable for sportier sailing adventures & experienced sailors

Attracts discerning charter clients.


Higher price.

Might be less suitable for leisure or family sailors.


Comparing the Oceanis 40.1 and the Dufour 41, both yachts offer exceptional sailing experiences but appeal to slightly different tastes and needs. The Oceanis 40.1 is characterized by its affordability, ease of use and comfort, while the Dufour 41 appeals to those who value sailing performance and luxury.

Ultimately, your choice should be based on your individual preferences and budget; after all, you want to buy your dream yacht. Regardless of which yacht you choose, both represent the craftsmanship and innovation that have made French yacht manufacturers industry leaders. 

Together with our Yachtsales experts, we will be happy to provide further consultation on both sailing yachts and our investment programs. Regardless of which boat you choose, you will undoubtedly fulfill your dream of owning an exceptional sailing yacht. 

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