Navigare Yachting: the "variable revenue" yacht ownership program

Navigare Yachting: the "variable revenue" yacht ownership program

Friday, 31 July 2020 / Published in Yacht Investment

The Variable Ownership Program by Navigare: "Navigare Ultimate". If you’ve been looking for a way to sail throughout the world while maximizing your revenue, Navigare Yachting has the program that will suit your needs!

Placing your new yacht in charter in the Navigare fleet will allow you to enjoy lots of sailing time while minimizing the hassle and cost of maintenance. Over the course of the charter period up to 7 years, you will be responsible for all the costs associated with your yacht’s maintenance and the charter program (we refer to these costs as “operating costs”), and Navigare will remit to you the largest part of the income according to the charter activity on your yacht (net of agency fees if applicable).

With the Ultimate program, you should expect a variable income of up to 12% of the total cost of your yacht annually for 7 years (net of operating costs) if you sail according to the Holiday Program suggestions – however you’re free to sail more or less on any given year, and the income will increase or decrease accordingly.

Buying your yacht in charter is one of the best ways to significantly offset your cost of ownership. Many investors choose this option to finance their future live-aboard ahead of retirement. If you want more freedom to sail according to your schedule every year, or if you’re looking to leverage the tax benefits that may be available to US taxpayers, this is the program for you!

You can finance the boat with a down-payment of 15 to 25%), and the income you’ll receive will go directly to cover your monthly mortgage payment. In this presentation we share a concrete example of how the numbers play out for a particular model and answer your questions!

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