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Navigare Yacht and Lifestyle Investment

Like to sail in warm waters while getting a return on investment?

Do you like to sail in warm waters whilst getting a return on investment? Being a Navigare Yacht Investor means that you have ensured your investment and future dream holiday through our advanced knowhow, leading services and high standards.

Navigare Yachting takes care of everything so that you can experience and enjoy the freedom of sailing whenever you like and receive a return of investment up to 84% on your sailing boat.

For every boat a generous amount of the investment is reserved for maintenance, which guarantees our famous high quality and an increased resale value. All staff works according to Swedish ethics and standards and will take care of both our customers and your boat in the best possible way.


Choose your yacht from one of the following options:

New Yachts


Become a new yacht owner with Navigare Yachting: we offer you a variety of luxury yacht brands and models to invest in, as well as variety of flexible investment programs to finance a new yacht purchase. Buy a luxurious and custom-made yacht while avoiding everyday challenges such as maintenance, service, marine handling, and updates. It is hassle free with no additional charges.

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Browse our offer of pre-owned yachts from our fleets in Croatia, Greece, British Virgin Islands and Thailand that have been professionally maintained by our technical experts. Browse our used yachts pages for yachts that stay in the charter program and from which guaranteed return can be expected as well as yachts that are headed out of fleet and can be used for private use.

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Check our special offers for buying a new yacht from our charter management program and take advantage of our sustainable business model and quality along with excellent and professional personal service. Browse through our special offer pages and save on the premium yacht price or benefit from other available advantages for buying premium yacht.

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Our partners

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Choose how to finance your yacht through our investment programs

Navigare Complete

Navigare Complete

All service and maintenance of your yacht will be taken care of by Navigare Yachting. Both revenues and expenses are known entities. Navigare Complete gives you a guaranteed yearly fixed income based on the yacht model and charter destination.
Returns: up to 10%, fixed, over 7 years
Service, maintenance & insurance: covered by Navigare Yachting for no added cost

Navigare Ultimate

Navigare Ultimate

This program offers the most flexibility for our customers who are more risk tolerant and may want to spend more time on their own yacht. Earn up to 14% in yearly income based on the actual charter performance of your yacht. With the Navigare Ultimate program you earn 70% of the income, but the yacht expenses are your responsibility.
Returns: up to 14%, split 70/30 with Navigare, over 7 years
Service, maintenance & insurance: are the responsibility of the yacht investor

Navigare Smart

Navigare Smart

Navigare Smart will suit investors looking for a lower total investment, or for whom financing is not possible. A down payment of 40-55% of the purchase price is required, and the charter income will finance the rest. By the end of the term the yacht is yours. Navigare Yachting is the owner of the yacht through the charter period over 7 years and covers all service, maintenance and insurance costs. Two options within this program:
Navigare Smart: 55% initial payment
Navigare Smart Low: 40% initial payment + balloon payment of 15-20% at the end of the charter period.



The benefits of choosing Navigare as your partners are many, here's some of them



Enjoy a hassle-free boat ownership and take part in Navigare’s exclusive holiday program. Choose between spending your holiday sailing at one of our worldwide destinations, in a luxury villa in Italy or Thailand or maybe you would rather go in a skiing resort in the Alps. Through our exclusive concierge service, we take care of full customization of your yacht and future dream holiday.

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Navigare Service Platform


To ensure the quality of your yacht investment and the second hand value, Navigare Yachting created a unique Service Platform. Through this system, you can follow all planned services being done on a yacht, all things being replaced and everything being maintained in real time. Navigare Service Platform is included in all of our investment programs and agreements.

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We offer a revolutionary management concept where you as owner can buy a luxurious yacht through our extensive investment and service programs while avoiding challenges such as maintenance, service, marine handling, development, updates and keeping crew. We offer you benefits like our exclusive holiday program as well as return on investment through our charter management program.

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More from Navigare



Navigare Yachting organizes a wide range of sailing events for its clients, employees and future clients. From participations at the international boat shows to events for the existing and future customers. Check or event calendar as to see where and how to meet us. Please take a look at our events offer and feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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Navigare Yachting media library

Check our media library for Navigare Yachting branded materials such as logotypes as well as original photos of our branded yachts. On this page, we have prepared all the materials you might need to use for presenting Navigare Yachting company or brand. In case you would like to have some further information, do not hesitate to contact our professional staff.

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