Restaurants in Croatia

Restaurants in Croatia

Published in Croatia

There are hundreds of restaurants on Adriatic coastline, it would take us more than one blog to count them all so here we will single out just a few of them. Every one of these restaurants is easily accessible by the boat and take not more than 10 minutes of walking to get to them, but its worth it.

Zrno Soli, Trogir

Let's start with a restaurant called Zrno Soli, located in Trogir. A city few hundred meters away from our Croatian base in Seget Donji.

Opened three years ago, Zrno Soli (Grain of Salt) quickly entered the top ten restaurants in Dalmatia. Located in Split ACI marina, this is a luxurious restaurant, which will equally enjoy and sailors as well as true gourmets. Here are served simple dishes typical for Dalmatia, but with a modern twist.
The large terrace offers a magnificent and relaxing view of the sea and sailing boats.

Zrno Soli is a restaurant, with views as guests say, worth "a million dollars".
Some of their satisfied customers are Thai Princess Mahidol Bajrakitijaba, Guns 'N' Roses, Zucchero, Roger Waters, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Alex Birkenstock...

Restaurant Frankie, Seget

Located in the old town Seget, with the most beautiful view on the sea and surroundings islands, it's a very reputable restaurant. The magic of old stone house beautifully connects with tastefully decorated interior and pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant.

Offering food with refined taste, prepared with fresh ingredients, obtained exclusively in Dalmatia. Fish and mollusks, shellfish and crabs, the different meats variations, as the real specialties.

Restaurant Movi, Split

Located in Split, Movi offers Italian and Croatian specialties at really affordable prices.
The food is very delicious in a good atmosphere. Just by looking from outside you could never guess that it is such good restaurant.

Restaurant Velo Misto, Split

Restaurant "Velo misto" is located in the picturesque landscape of the bay of Split Zenta, which is also known sports and recreational harbor.

The restaurant is located in the middle of the harbor, on the border between "old" and "new" Zenta. Near Zenta are Villa Angela beach and Trstenik, tennis courts and swimming pool, and all is connected promenade by the sea. A pleasant walk along the sea through Firula, Striped and all attractions to the city center can be reached in about 15 minutes, and in the other direction of Zenta, across the bay to Trstenik Ċ½njana, known recreation oasis of many inhabitants of Split.

Restaurant Perivoj, Split

The restaurants main benefit is its spacious garden, terrace with valuable art nouveau architecture of the early twentieth century offers peace pleasing to the eye and spirit, and protected from the noise of the city here you can relax and at the same time have something good to eat.