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Rhode Island has one of the most beautiful, rugged, and dramatic coastlines in the United States, and its connection to the water is why it's nicknamed "the Ocean State." Narragansett Bay is the center of local activity: its 30+ islands are a delight to explore, with warm & gentle breezes, protected coves and harbors, and wonderful sights to see.

If you've been aching to explore one of America's premier sailing destinations, Navigare Yachting is ready to help you! Sail Newport and see firsthand why the New England coast is an iconic sailboat charter destination. Check out our fleet to learn more about our available boats – we make booking online simple and convenient, with our exclusive Newport Sailing Holidays Payment Plan, which allows you to pay for your sailing vacation in up to six monthly installments.

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Navigare Yachting – Yacht Charter Newport Specialists

Treat yourself to an unforgettable sailing vacation with family & friends, where you'll create memories that last forever

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Newport Bridge at Sunrise

Catamaran Charter & Yacht Charter Newport

Navigare Yachting is a world-renowned luxury bareboat charter, with more than 250 boats and nine service destinations worldwide. Our local Newport, RI fleet of twelve luxury bareboats, catamarans, and sailboats is superbly maintained and outfitted.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable sailing vacation with family & friends, where you'll create memories that last forever:

  • Explore the 30+ islands and endless maritime destinations of scenic Narragansett Bay.
  • Sample local delights, including world class dining & entertainment, wonderful recreation activities, and historic and cultural attractions
  • Discover Martha's Vineyard, one of the world's most exclusive and indulgent island destinations
  • Relax on clean sandy beaches, play in the water, enjoy warm breezes and sunny weather, visit quaint harbors and hidden coves, thrill to dramatic ocean side scenery


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Discover the Joys of Newport Sailing with a  Bareboat Charter

Indulge some of the world's best seafood, sail and explore the rugged Atlantic coastline of Rhode Island, play in the water and relax in the sun – it's all here waiting for you, thanks to Navigare Yachting!


Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Pemaquid Point - Schooner with full sails in Narragansett Bay

Sailing in Newport, Rhode Island: Vacation Destinations

Navigare Yachting offers one-week and two-week sail Newport vacations, as well as three-day sailboat charters or catamaran charters in the early and late seasons (May 1 to June 15, and September 15 to November 1). Our fleet of eight advanced boats includes options for bareboat charter, sailboat charter, and catamaran charter – visit our Booking Page to learn more and find the perfect boat for your sailing holiday.

Yacht Charter Newport, Holiday with Friends & Family

Book your Newport, Rhode Island sailing holiday with Navigare Yachting and along with your one-of-a-kind sailing vacation you get a one-of-a-kind deal! We offer an exclusive booking payment plan that allows up to six monthly installments. Check out our fleet of Newport sailing catamarans, bareboats, sailboats, and yachts to get started on your booking.



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Weather Conditions for Yacht Charter Newport

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Nantucket Sound near Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse

Rhode Island Seasons & Climate

Rhode Island's location in the prevailing westerlies gives it a reputation for warm and pleasant summer weather, with occasional precipitation that does not typically last for long. Days that begin overcast and cool can transform into brilliant and warm afternoons that beckon you to adventure!

The local coastline is irregular and rugged, with numerous coves and harbors that are delightful to explore. The ideal summer conditions, including relatively long days with ample daylight, allow for many hours of play and recreation.

Our Newport sailing season lasts from May 1 to November 1 and weather for the season varies from month to month:

  • Early season temperatures for May and June average highs of 20-25°C during the day and down to 10-14°C at night, with occasional precipitation
  • High season days of July and August are wonderfully warm & enjoyable, with average highs of 27-29°C during the relatively long days, and down to 17-18°C at night. Precipitation is lighter and less frequent.


Documents Required for Newport Sailing and Navigare Charter Rhode Island Contact Information

Required Documents

All of the below listed documents are required for sailing in Newport, Rhode Island and must be presented prior to boarding:

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Copy of the charter contract
  • Crew list, to include names, birth dates, nationalities, and passport numbers


Navigare Yacht Rental Rhode Island Contact Information

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Navigare Yachting, Newport USA

Narragansett Sailing Companies, Cove Haven Marina
101 Narragansett Avenue
Barrington, RI 02806
Phone: 00-1-401-250-5496

Rich Munson– Rhode Island Base Manager & Client Coordinator
Phone: 00-1-401-649-1754


8am to 6pm Monday-Sunday
Embarkation time: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5pm (depending on the yacht)
Disembarkation time: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5pm (depending on the yacht)
Payable at embarkation, by cash or credit


Additional Information Needed for Sailing in Newport, RI

Yacht Charter USA, Newport


LOCAL CURRENCY: US dollar; cash, credit cards, and traveler's checks accepted at most restaurants, businesses, and destinations

LOCAL CUISINE:Local cuisine for Rhode Island is typical of the greater New England region of the United States, with an almost endless variety of delicious dishes and treats. Seafood is popular all along the East Coast and local favorite dishes include authentic New England lobster rolls, clam chowder soup, and clam bakes. Boston-style pizza is a local variation that's influenced by Greek cuisine.

Newport, Boston, and the local area are notable for the availability of fine dining and entertainment options, including several Michelin-starred restaurants. If you are a fan of fine food & drink, you'll find many things to love about your visit!


Getting to Rhode Island

Rhode Island is accessible via direct air, sea, and rail travel from all major United States cities. Additionally, Boston is only 30 minutes away and is a major east coast travel hub, with direct connections with dozens of international cities. Finally, there is one other international airport within 30 minutes of Newport in Providence, RI (PVD), served by major airlines like Air Canada, Delta and Southwest Airlines. Navigare Yachting's local base is at Cove Haven Marina, in Barrington, Rhode Island:

Cove Haven Marina is a full-service marina with swimming pool, picnic tables, and an adjacent park area with a wonderful bike path and recreation facilities. The marina is protected from inclement weather and is just minutes from great local restaurants and entertainment options, including several nearby historical sites, cultural attractions, and museums.

For best service please inform us of your arrival time whether you need a transfer or not.

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Imagine a bareboat charter vacation filled with incredible vistas, wonderful weather, delicious food & drinks, and amazingly indulgent days relaxing and playing in the sun. You're only minutes from transforming your dream into a reality!

Review our fleet page to have a closer look at the sailboat charters and catamaran charters available, then visit our online Booking Page to get started. We offer an exclusive payment plan that allows you to pay for your bareboat charter in up to six monthly installments. It's easy and simple to plan your dream vacation – we look forward to seeing you!

Why We Love Sailing in Newport, Rhode Island and Surrounding Areas

Newport, Rhode Island and the surrounding waters are a rewarding area to sail for both newcomers and advanced sailors alike. Here's a closer look at conditions in the area, as well as some of the destinations you're likely to visit.

Getting to Know Sailing Conditions in the Newport, RI Sailing Area

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Rhode Island is located in an area of prevailing westerlies, which can provide some surprises even for experienced sailors. Although the summer weather is typically warm and only a little breezy, daily and monthly averages for both temperatures and precipitation can vary from expectations.

  • It's not uncommon for mornings to begin chilly and overcast, only to burst into bright & warm sunshine by noon, for an epic sailing day.
  • It's also not uncommon for late afternoon squalls to develop with little warning, making it advisable to head for shelter quickly. These storms are typically brief, but can be accompanied by rough seas and blustery winds.
  • Sailing areas are rigorously surveyed and well marked and navigation is relatively simple. This is a popular and well traveled sailing area.
  • Narragansett Bay and surrounding waters have a variety of common currents, including rotary currents, tidal currents, and reversing currents. None in this area are overly severe. NOAA hosts a Current Predictions chart that is very helpful and local sources, including all marinas, will have information also.

The best advice: be prepared for all eventualities. The Newport area is a rewarding location to develop your bareboat sailing skills and test yourself against the local conditions and elements.

Yacht Charter USA, Newport

Newport is one of the world's great yachting destinations. This is one of the capitals of yachting in America, with a long history of nautical adventure and enjoyment. For true enthusiasts, this is the home of the Yacht Restoration School, the Museum of Yachting at Fort Adams, and the fabled Newport Yacht Club. These attractions make for an entertaining day exploring the history, pageantry, and drama of yachting.

The city is also home to fine food, wonderful family restaurants, and a lively bar & nightlife scene. You'll want to spend more than one night enjoying the high season options for entertainment and fun.

Jamestown is a lovely little village tucked into a scenic nook of Conanicut Island. Come ashore to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including golf, hiking, biking, and watching wildlife in the nearby sanctuary. Mackerel Cove Beach and Fort Wethergill State Park have sandy beaches, rock climbing, fishing, and scuba diving. In August, the island hosts several unique sailing events, and there are numerous dining & entertainment options at all times.

Bristol is another town with a long and storied history as a sailing mecca. Take a stroll through quaint streets and beautiful parks. Save time to visit the America's Cup Museum to learn more about the world's premier sailing competition. You'll also delight in the local restaurants' commitment to regional seafood cuisine.

Prudence Island is a seven-mile island right in the middle of Narragansett Bay. Its central location makes it a popular sailing destination. Roughly half the island is set aside as a nature preserve, with options for sightseeing, hiking, and exploring. Potter Cove is a gorgeous refuge, especially if the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse. There are no restaurants or bars, so bring your entertainment with you.

Wickford is the quintessential Rhode Island fishing village, a delightful little community that is scenic and welcoming. The harbor is busy, but there are nearby coves and beaches to explore. At night during the high season, the town bustles with dining & entertainment options amid a wonderfully festive atmosphere.

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The Weather in USA, Newport


Sailing in USA - Itineraries

Sail away to beautiful USA in one of our amazing iteneraries.

Newport Base - Navigare

Navigare Yachting, Newport USA

Narragansett Sailing Companies, Cove Haven Marina
101 Narragansett Avenue
Barrington, RI 02806
Phone: 00-1-401-250-5496

Rich Munson – Rhode Island Base Manager & Client Coordinator
Phone: 00-1-401-649-1754


7 DAYS - Itinerary 1

Spotlight on: Narragansett Bay

7 DAYS Sailing route

A seven-day Newport sailing excursion is filled with amazing sights and adventures, here's a peek at some of the things you can do:

This is a day for arriving, getting settled, getting acquainted with your boat, and enjoying a leisurely sail around Barrington.

DAY 1: Barrington and the Bay

Sail for Bristol, exploring scenic points in Narragansett Bay along the way. Bristol is the opposite of a crowded, hectic tourist town: the harbor is a charming and busy fishing port and the town is filled with historic attractions, great food, and fun bars. There are areas to swim and enjoy the sun.

DAY 2: Bristol

After sailing throughout the day, anchor and visit Newport, a bustling resort town, or Jamestown, a more sedate and tranquil experience. Both have amazing restaurants and authentic New England bars and taverns.


DAY 3: Newport and Jamestown

The Beavertail Route explores an area with a scenic lighthouse, numerous historic shipwrecks, and the quaint town of Wickford. Block Island has magnificent beaches, wonderful biking and hiking trails, and scenic views. Little Compton Harbor is up the Sakonnet River, where you'll pass vineyards and beautiful small towns.

DAY 4: Beavertail Route, or Block Island, or Little Compton Harbor

Spend the day sailing and exploring more of the Bay, with a great wind and opportunities to experience the local color and attractions.

DAY 5: Wickford or Block Island

Your last full day of sailing can be used to revisit favorite places, or discover new ones. Prudence Island has delightful coves and beaches to explore, as well as hiking and biking in an unspoiled destination.

DAY 6: Potter's Cove and Prudence Island

A leisurely morning sail back home and it's time to think back on your memories of your sail Newport holiday!

DAY 7: Return to Base

7 DAYS - Itinerary 2

Spotlight on: Martha's Vineyard

7 DAYS Sailing route

Martha's Vineyard is one of the most famous and beloved island destinations in America, here's a sample of how you'll spend your seven-day yacht charter Newport vacation:

Spend the morning and early afternoon hours exploring Narragansett Bay, with its rugged coastline and hidden coves. Cuttyhunk is a town transported from the 19th century, with a quaint village, lovely seafood market, and historic sights.

DAY 1: Sail to Cuttyhunk

It's a brisk sail to Vineyard Haven, a focal point of island activity with lots of choices for shopping, dining, and entertainment, including the Martha's Vineyard Museum.

DAY 2: Sail to Vineyard Haven

This small town is one of the most elegant and stately on the island, with a laid back vibe and great selection of restaurants and entertainment. It's the perfect place to unwind after a fun day of sailing.

DAY 3: Sail to Edgartown

This destination checks all the boxes: a sleepy little harbor with an amazingly mellow vibe, beautiful sandy beach, wonderful seafood market, and it's where much of the film Jaws was filmed. Menemsha has a little something for everyone and it's a favorite destination for local sailing vacations and bareboat charters.

DAY 4: Sail to Menemsha

There are so many interesting destinations in and around Narragansett Bay, it's great to take your time and sample them without being in a rush. Historic Bristol, pristine Block Island and Potter's Cove, and much more. Sail by day and celebrate by night!

DAY 5 and 6: Exploring Narragansett Bay

An early start allows some extra time sailing in the morning, and then it's time to return home. All these memories of sailing Newport will be yours to keep forever!

DAY 7: Return to Base

Fill out our sailing resume and find out if you can skipper your charter yacht