Hurricane Irma - Important Information

Hurricane Irma - Important Information

Saturday, 18 August 2018 / Published in Navigare Yachting
Hurricane Irma - Important Information

Southampton 21st of Sept 2017

Update on BVI

As hurricane Maria is currently beating up St. Croix in the USVI we are starting to get a picture of what damages Irma caused to our yachts. However, as we still have not seen what damages Maria might bring we ask for your patience and hope to revert soon with more information.

We expect to open the BVI base in December. Our insurance company is backing us up, and with joint efforts the situation will be resolved. We have very good coverage including loss of hire so we are financially protected. Our main challenge now is that this disaster draws a lot of our resources internally so pls bear with us if we are a little slow in communication right now.

The good news is that the collection for our staff have been very successful and we have now received 3 400 euro that will be used to help our staff rebuild. Many many thanks to all of you who have expressed your concerns and donated money, the collection is still open any any contribution is greatly appreciated. All in all it is heartwarming to get that many responses. Thank you all!

Cannes 12th of September 2017

Updated information - Hurricane Irma BVI

We have now received word that all of our local employees are fine and we are grateful for this. However, they have suffered terrible material losses and we have started a collection for them in order for us to help them rebuild as soon as possible.

As for the boats, we still have no information on approx. half of the fleet. The half we know about are heavily damaged. Another large problem for us is that we currently have very limited contact with the island, cell phones only works in a few places.

So, right now we are doing our best to get more information on all yachts and a more detailed report on damages, etc. Once we have that, we will be able to file for insurance and get a team together to start the repairs.
We are absolutely determined to get the base up and running again as soon as possible and will allocate the resources and time to make that happen. As soon as we have a better overview we will get back with more information.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Jesper Rönngard CEO

UPDATE - 07.09.2017 12:30

We now know that hurricane Irma brought major devastation on Tortola and other islands in the BVI. We still don’t have any report from our local staff, so we rely on public information, praying that our staff is well and safe. We know, however, with certainty that we will suffer substantial material losses.

Today we have been in contact with our insurance company and they have confirmed that they are backing us up and that all damages from Irma will be covered. Also, we have loss-of-hire insurances, which will help us in the interim period where we might have to replace yachts etc.

BVI is one of Navigares major destinations and we will make sure business goes on and that any possible damaged or lost yachts will be repaired or replaced. We hope to come back as soon as we have more detailed information about our staff and fleet and we send our love and thoughts to those on the islands today!

Malmö 06.09.2017 15:30

The hurricane Irma's eye is currently about 70 nm from our base in Hodges Creek, Tortola, BVI. We expect it to hit the base around 20:30 tonight. All our boats are "well-secured" and situated in three different locations not far from the base. Although they are "well-secured", and we have enhanced all moorings with triple and quadruple tamps in the proceeding days, we can expect significant damage if we do get a direct hit by the hurricane.

Additionally, and important to know is that, our insurance will cover hurricane damages.

The hurricane is the most powerful in to date in the Atlantic. All historical comparisons reported in the media make us uncomfortable. Winds up to 80 m / s are expected and sea elevation of about 3 meters. We expect that connections will end when the storm hits and then we have to rely on the media for information. We are currently focusing on ensuring that our staff are safe and we pray, cross fingers and hold thumbs that everything goes well.

As soon as it's over and we have some further information, we'll communicate this.

Best Regards

Navigare Yachting Team