Learn to sail with Navigare Yachting

Learn to sail with Navigare Yachting

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Learn to sail with Navigare Yachting

Navigare Yachting Sailing School provides an opportunity for people of all backgrounds and ages to find out how fun, safe, inspiring and affordable sailing is!

Some people may have a wrong perception on sailing holiday, they can see it as something really expensive, that only rich people can afford. It was true few years ago, when there where few charter agencies, but as the time change yacht numbers available for charter grows from day to day, accordingly price are getting lower and affordable.

Navigare Yachting gives the best charter deals for the price paid. If you want to take your sailing to the next level, you can combine your holiday with the sailing school and get certified as a bareboat skipper, meaning that you will be allowed to charter a yacht on your own anywhere in the world with IYT licence.

International Yacht Training IYT

Started by former naval officer M. Fry, whose roots are in Ireland (which is why now issued and "Irish law" ICC). The organization has developed a standard training, received the approval of the Coast Guard.
The difference - they just said the international level and provide accreditation of any national sailing school, which fit the formal criteria.

Also, work was carried out with the insurance companies (very important) and charter agencies. Formed in 2002 they have over 150 authorized sailing schools worldwide. The standard time frame to gain your IYT Bareboat Skipper certification is up to 14 days depending on the training establishment.

Why getting a bareboat skipper licence?! Why not :)

The whole point of taking a sailing course is for you to gain the skills, confidence and competence to take a yacht out on holiday by yourself. You will be taking family and friends with you on your adventures. It is very important that you are not taking their lives in your hands by chartering a yacht without the required ability.

Getting a bareboat skipper licence is really not that hard and the choice is up to you. You can get amazing experience, in every other moment see another amazing site, taste the freedom of open sea and live a dream...or, if it suits you better, you would rather be looking the similar view out of that hotel room of yours. ;)