5 Benefits of Sailing You Might Not Know

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How learning to sail can change your life


Learning to sail has the power to change your outlook and spin you in a new direction. When you start sailing, you’ll learn new skills, gain an appreciation for the sport and have new adventures – that’s to be expected. However, there are also hidden benefits you may not think about until you dive into this alluring lifestyle.

  1. Community

    Sailing is more than a sport or an individual endeavor. It’s a lifestyle and a welcoming community. Whether you become a racer with ties to a yacht club, or a cruiser with a love of isolated anchorages, you’re bound to find like-minded people who will be happy to gather, share stories and help each other out.

    You can share this community with your family and it may surprise you how sailing can help you reconnect with your partner, siblings, or kids. Sailing brings people together. It crosses social structures and age groups and it fosters friendships that may last long into your twilight years.
  2. Freedom

    Not too many hobbies can offer the promise of freedom. Harnessing the power of the wind and feeling the spray on your face is amazingly freeing. It’s a great way to forget about the office and recharge your batteries.

    When done right, sailing is also a green and sustainable activity so you can start a new hobby without increasing your carbon footprint. You can reset with an afternoon of solo sailing or get the blood flowing with an energetic upwind beat. There’s no feeling like steering a boat on a breezy afternoon.

  3. Confidence

    Boating is terrific but sailing boosts your confidence because it takes a bit of knowledge (and instinct) to do it well. Small boat sailing is a great way to start because sailing a light craft will let you know immediately what you’re doing right and wrong and it’s easier to learn with that kind of feedback. Anyone thinks they can drive a powerboat but sailing commands whole new respect.

    You may notice a bit of envy coming from your friends when you tell them you can sail and that can translate to building your confidence on and off the water.

  4. Travel

    Sailing opens up new ways to travel and see the world. Once you know how to sail, you can spread your wings well beyond your local area. You can charter boats around the globe and enjoy water-based vacations that will take you off the beaten path. For example, Navigare Yachting has bases in 12 countries and a fleet of over 300 yachts worldwide for you to choose from so you can sail a different boat anywhere you go.

    For a tropical paradise, why not check out the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands? Do you want culture and history? Opt for Croatia, Greece, or Sweden. And for something completely different, how about Turkey, Thailand, or Seychelles? Knowing how to sail lets you charter and that will bring you to new corners of this big world.

  5. Finances

    Charter companies provide opportunities for you to sail and get paid while you do it because you can buy a yacht and put it in the charter which means you’ll be making money when you vacation. Start your due diligence now and compare the ownership programs.

    Navigare Yachting can guide you through the entire yacht purchase process and guide you throughout the owner experience so it’s like having a friend in the business. You’ll learn from experts about the boat purchase and maintenance, the details of the charter contract, and the process of selling the yacht. Navigare will also walk you through the financing and insurance matters, offer advice on boat selection, and provide important contacts for guidance on managing the yacht as a business. If you wish to, you can take the yacht at the end of the contract and head off into the sunset on blue water cruising adventures of your own.

    There are obvious benefits of sailing and then there are the more hidden aspects. Sailing is both a hobby and a wonderful sport but the confidence, community, freedom, exotic travel, and financial freedom that come with the activity are just five things you may not have considered.

    Why not start sailing today?