Escape the Winter: 2024 High Season Charter Deals

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Escape the Winter: 2024 High Season Charter Deals 

As we enter into the high season for Caribbean travel, we’re also arriving at arguably the best time of the year to sail in this part of the world. If your top priorities for a winter getaway are warm sunny days filled with Caribbean flair and exclusive sightseeing activities, then our award-winning yacht charters will fulfill your every desire! 

Let’s celebrate the start of the high season (January and February in the Caribbean) with some amazing deals on charters. Luckily, we still have limited availability to host you in January and February 2024 because of all the new luxury yachts entering our fleet. As part of our “Caribbean Sail Event", you can now book an award-winning Caribbean getaway for an incredible 30% off all departures through February 2024!


Welcome to Winter Paradise

With temperatures in the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas ranging from 75 F - 80 F, the winter months are a very comfortable time to visit these islands. Trade winds are steady, the weather is predictable and you are essentially guaranteed wonderful sailing in the Caribbean at this time of the year. (You can read more about our destinations and their respective seasons on our blog). 

Typically charters are more expensive when you book your departure in the high season. That’s why we encourage you to book now and take advantage of this rare opportunity to charter a luxury yacht at 30% off the list price, which is essentially what you would pay in the middle or low season for a week on the same boat. 

Right about now is when you should ask yourself a simple rhetorical question “Do I want to go this entire freezing winter without a majestic soul-warming vacation”? We all agree that the easy answer is “no, that wouldn’t be ideal”, which brings us back to the simple fact that the best time to plan your winter escape is right now! These once-in-a-lifetime winter getaway offers will expire soon, so let our agents help you select the right yacht and the preferred dates that you want before they’re no longer available. 

Award-Winning Yacht Charters

Why would you choose to charter with Navigare and not one of our competitors? We are proud to say that both of our Caribbean bases were awarded Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award 2023, so our fleets in the BVI and the Bahamas are two of our best fleets and two of the best yacht charter bases in this region overall.

Based on countless 5-star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor, our success in the Caribbean stems from our commitment to guest satisfaction, well-maintained yachts, excellent service from our base staff, and our popular crew members. Our base staff makes your check-ins and check-outs seamless and is always available for support during your charter should you need it. Navigare’s highly sought-after crew members are top-rated by our guests and are known to make your Caribbean trips the best they can be. Whether it’s navigating you to beautiful hidden destinations or cooking delicious local-inspired meals tailored to your needs and preferences, the Navigare Yachting crew always goes the extra (nautical) mile for our guests!

One more enticing difference that sets us apart from much of the competition is that our yachts are new! Between the BVI and Bahamas combined, we have over 40 yachts manufactured between 2022 and 2023, with the majority of them based in the BVI, which houses our largest fleet. In addition, we are currently expecting 25 brand new luxury yachts to our Caribbean bases in 2024. 

Another point of emphasis is that you are not required to have any previous experience to charter one of our boats. You can charter any size yacht for a week as a complete beginner. We offer captains who will take care of the boat for you and bring you safely to your desired destinations. For less than $2,200 per week, you will have an experienced professional captain onboard that can also function as your guide so you won’t have to lift a finger as far as sailing during your trip. Simply lean back, sip your favorite adult beverage, catch some rays, and enjoy your vacation! 

Since 2001, over 300,000+ charter guests have set sail with Navigare - it’s safe to say that your yachting adventure will be in capable hands. With 12 exotic locations worldwide, the possibilities are endless! Whether you're an experienced sailor or a first-time adventurer, Navigare Yachting opens up a world of exploration, discovery, and sailing that comes with complete peace of mind.

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