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U.S. Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

You and your crew will enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds

The Virgin Islands lie in the West Indies about 40 miles east of Puerto Rico. While many will plan for sailing the British Virgin Islands, don’t miss out on exploring the beautiful USVIs. The region is known for its beaches with expanses of powdery white sand, as well as its seven national parks.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, access to the USVI is simple! Find more about travelling to USVI here.

When it comes to things to do in the US Virgin Islands, you are in luck if you love snorkeling or diving. Sail to the nearby island of St. John which has some of the most beautiful and well-protected beaches in the world. The island is a favorite destination thanks to its lush surroundings, national park and clear waters brimming with turtles and rays.

If you want to relax and swim, you will be spoilt for choice for beaches while on your Virgin Islands yacht charter. Popular choices for those exploring by boat include Honeymoon Beach and the beaches along Caneel Bay, Oppenheimer Beach, Maho Beach in Francis Bay, Salt Pond and Lameshur. Leinster Bay and Watermelon Cay offer awesome opportunities for snorkeling too with abundant coral.

Sailing charter in the US Virgin Islands

Get to know the Virgin Islands

Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Year-round sailing

The Virgin Islands are famous for year-round cruising and the ideal destination for a boat charter any time! The temperature ranges from the 80's in winter to the 90's in summer. The sea temperature is usually around 80 F. The prevailing winds are the trade winds (from the East). There's a slight wind shift to the North in winter with wind speeds of 15 - 20 knots. In the Summer, the winds shift to east south east and blow 10 - 15 knots. Christmas Winds are stronger winds that may blow for several days at a time, anytime from December through February.

There really is no rainy season. We usually have short bursts of showers and blue sky quickly follows.
However, due to our tropical location and the world's weather patterns, keeping an eye out for storms is a concern in areas that fall in the hurricane belt. Navigare does not charter in the most likely months that these storms may occur (typically mid-August through mid-October). Though it is just as likely the weather may be perfect, we do not recommend planning a once-in-a-lifetime vacation during this time.


The typical Virgin Island's cruising area extends from St. Thomas to the west to Virgin Gorda to the east, a distance of approximately 45 miles. The Atlantic Ocean meets our island chain on the north side, and the Caribbean Sea borders us on the south side. The larger islands within this area are: St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Norman Island, Cooper Island, Peter Island, and Virgin Gorda. There are many smaller and lesser-known islands and cays that are also interesting to explore. Just outside of this area are St. Croix to the south, Culebra to the west and Anegada to the north.


Except for Anegada, the islands were born from volcanic activity, which means they are mountainous and picturesque. The beaches are white and sandy, and the coral reefs are active with abundant marine life.


Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

When it comes to things to do in the US Virgin Islands, you are in luck if you love snorkeling or diving. Sail to the nearby island of St. John which has some of the most beautiful and well-protected beaches in the world. The island is a favorite destination thanks to its lush surroundings, national park and clear waters brimming with turtles and rays.

If you want to relax and swim, you will be spoilt for choice for beaches while on your Virgin Islands yacht charter. Popular choices for those exploring by boat include Honeymoon Beach and the beaches along Caneel Bay (formerly Caneel Bay Resort), Oppenheimer Beach (Hawksnest area), Maho Beach in Francis Bay (visit Maho Crossroads pop-up village for tasty food), Salt Pond and Lameshur. Leinster Bay and Watermelon Cay offer awesome opportunities for snorkeling too with abundant coral.

For seafood, try the Mahi Mahi and fresh tuna when dining out. You can also have fun visiting floating restaurants, from pizza to tacos! If you want entertainment, Water Island is known for its lively events program. From movies by the sea and dinner under the stars, as well as live music, it is a calmer version of White Bay in the British Virgin Islands.


Sailing to the British Virgin Islands

While the USVI have much to offer as a sailing destination, the islands are also the gateway to the BVI and this is where many of our customers choose to spend their sailing time. The BVI clearance process is easy and simple to do.

Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Remember a passport is required; U.S. citizens do not need to clear out of the U.S. when heading to the BVI, however, everyone must clear into the BVI upon arrival. This is most easily done in West End, Tortola, or Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke. The Customs and Immigration office is an official government office so be sure to wear proper attire – again, shorts and t-shirts with flip-flops are fine. All charter boats, regardless of origination, pay a cruising tax in the BVI.
When returning to the U.S., you no longer need to stop at a U.S. customs and immigration office!

Flying directly into St. Thomas is a convenient, less stressful and economical way to sail the BVI. You can choose from 60 world-class islands, from Tortola (where our BVI base is located, in Nanny Cay), Jost van Dyke, Cooper Island, Norman Island, Peter Island and Anegada, and many more. It is the Caribbean’s most popular sailing destination for good reason, offering an amazing atmosphere at beach bars and restaurants.


We can help you make the most of your time in the area and during your charter briefing we can show you the natural loop for itinerary planning. We can’t wait to share our recommendations on what to see and where to dine.


No-stress cruising!

Since the islands are close together, you'll be "island hopping". Navigation is by line-of-sight, but some guests like to keep their eyes on the chart-plotter or hand-held GPS for practice or for fun. The water is clear and you can usually see the bottom long before it gets shallow. Changes in the color of the water will also tell you a great deal about whether the bottom is sand or grass.

There is minimal tidal variation (approximately 18" max) and no fog! Rain showers come and go quickly, and there is minimal commercial traffic compared to other areas you may sail. To save your energy for snorkeling, and save our reefs for future generations, most popular anchorages have well-maintained moorings for overnight use. The usual fee of $15-30 per night is well worth not having to hassle with anchoring or worry about dragging during the night.

Making new friends

Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Slow down and relax - that's what vacation is about! People in the islands are laid back and the pace is slow. They appreciate a proper greeting like "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," or "Good Night" before conducting business. Be dignified and respectful of their home.

Leave the hurried, rushed, competitive elements of your own life behind, and definitely leave your laptop at home!

Dress is casual with t-shirts and shorts the norm, but please do not wear bathing suits or micro-outfits in town as they are not appreciated. Save the skimpy outfits for the beach or your boat. The currency is the US dollar, and people in the Virgin Islands speak English.


Sailing US Virgin Islands with Navigare Yachting

Documents Required for Sailing in the BVI and Navigare Yachting BVI Contact Information

Required Documents

All of the below listed documents are required for BVI sailboat charters and must be presented prior to boarding:

  • Valid passport
  • Copy of the charter contract
  • A sailing license is not required but relevant experience is required for bareboat charters, unless you choose to hire a skipper (your skipper or ours!)
  • Crew list, to include names, birth dates, nationalities and passport numbers

Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Navigare Yachting USVI Yacht Charter Contact Information

Navigare Yachting, US Islands

Bimini Marina,

Benner Bay, St Thomas, USVI

Eric Namovicz, Base manager 
Phone: +1 (727) 685-7289
Email: Eric@navigare-yachting.com

Client Coordinator
Phone: +1 (727) 685-7289
Email: usvibase@navigare-yachting.com




8am to 5pm Monday-Sunday
4pm on the day you begin your charter
Embarkation time: 16:00 (4.00 pm)
Disembarkation time: 10.00 am


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Weather in U.S. Virgin Islands

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Mar 79 ºF
Apr 81 ºF
May 82 ºF
Jun 84 ºF
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Aug 86 ºF
Sep 84 ºF
Oct 82 ºF
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Dec 81 ºF

Sailing in U.S. Virgin Islands - Itineraries

Sail away to beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands in one of our amazing iteneraries.

U.S. Virgin Islands Base Info - Navigare

Navigare Yachting, U.S. Virgin Islands

Bimini Marina
Benner Bay, St Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands

Emergency calls: +1 727-685-7289

Eric Namovicz – Base manager
Mobile: +1 727-685-7289
Email: Eric@navigare-yachting.com

Client Coordinator
Mobile: +1 727-685-7289
Email: usvibase@navigare-yachting.com

7 DAYS IN USVI ONLY - Itinerary 1

USVI Sailing Route – November 2020


This proposed sailing route takes in the USVI while the sail area is currently reduced due to COVID-related border closures, including to the British Virgin Islands.

Do a Figure Eight. Up the south side of St Thomas, then the North Side of St John, back around the south side of St John then the North Side of St Thomas to Megan's Bay, back around the west of St Thomas. You will not be able to cover everything in a week, but this list is a good start – happy sailing!

For the more adventurous guests, an open water sail to St Croix is an option as well. With Christiansted, Frederiksted and Buck Island available.

The first of the western anchorages. This anchorage is tucked in by the University of the Virgin Islands. It features a large sand beach and a very protected area for swimming. (Anchorage)

Buck Island, St Thomas as a day stop. Turtle Cove and Shipwreck Cove. (Day Use Moorings)

A great place to spend the night, snorkel the cay in the middle of the harbor, and share a Pizza from Pizza Pi with your crew. (Some public moorings and room to anchor)

Hang out with the rich and famous as well as the turtles and Conch. Spectacular water views, snorkeling, and views of some of the most incredible Vacation Villas in the Caribbean. (National Park Moorings)

The little village time forgot! Don’t come here looking for commercialized attractions, it is not that kind of town. You can find art, food, and drinks. A dive shop and a floating Taco Bar. It is that kind of town. (Anchoring in the public anchorage)

Moor your boat at Lind Point or off of Caneel Bay on a national park mooring. Dinghy into town to see the attractions. Dinning and cocktails for every budget. Shopping from souvenir shops to fashion, and provisions. Everything in one funky little town. (National Park Moorings)

Home of Honeymoon Beach, a great spot to waste a day snorkeling and swimming with the turtles and rays. Lime away the afternoon at a beach bar. Then have sundowners watching, wait for it the spectacular sunset to the west. (Anchorage)

Two great beaches in one great anchorage. This spot guarantees your crew a turtle viewing! (National Park Moorings)

Quiet coves, snorkeling oh, and did we mention stargazing? With almost no light noise from shore due to the remote location in the park this is like taking a walk around the milky way. Make sure to put a stargazing app on your phone or tablet. It is good for hours of fun. (National Park Moorings)

Named for the Hawksnest Turtles that call this home. A white sandy slice of heaven. We could tell you about Mermaid’s Seat but it is a secret. (National Park Moorings)

Made up of several day mooring areas in the National Park, this is a great place to spend the afternoon. Swim and snorkel along the mangroves on shore to see countless juvenile fish and sea life. (Day Use National Park Moorings)

Did we mention snorkeling? This spot can keep your whole crew in the water for hours. You can snorkel around Waterlemon Cay, snorkel the reef along the shore or dinghy into the shallows in the mangrove area and look for juvenile fish. There are more starfish here than any other place we have ever been to. (National Park Moorings)

Speaking of floating Taco Bars, because who doesn’t want to go to a swim-up Taco Bar with Rum Drinks? This one speaks for itself. (Anchoring)

Next up is another large sand beach. The hotel located onshore has a small beach bar and restaurant. This bay is home to lots of turtles and conchs. (Anchorage)

Take a nice downwind sail around the north shore of St Thomas. You will get to view lots of small cays like Hans Lolick on the north side on your way to Magen’s. This is a truly magical spot with a large crescent beach located between two peninsulas. Anchor in the middle or closer to shore. The pelicans are sure to put on a show. (Anchorage)

In their own words. “A minimum footprint pop-up village at Maho Beach in St. John, USVI. Enjoy the Paddle-In Tiki Bar, Love Maho Beach Boutique, and Terrapin Beach Club.” (National Park Moorings)

This hiking trail runs from the beach at Salt Pond to the top of Rams Head. Pack some water and comfortable shoes. The views are spectacular. (National Park Moorings)

Does your crew want to spend a little time in town? In Red Hook you can either anchor out or get a slip in the marina for the night. Either way there are a dozen or so bars and restaurants. Some diverse shopping opportunities and even a grocery store. (Marina or Anchorage)

Limited to two moorings this is an advanced hike. According to Ken Wild: Within the deep interior of the Reef Bay valley rests one of St. John’s most important clues to a lost culture from the island’s past, the petroglyphs. This captivating place is located at the base of the valley’s highest waterfall, surrounded by the island’s lush tropical vegetation. Here, mysterious faces are found carved into the fall’s blue basalt rock. A spring-fed pool beneath reflects a 20-foot wide panorama of carvings year-round with other petroglyphs visible nearby. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term petroglyph, the term petroglyph refers to rock art carvings whereas pictographs are rock art paintings. (National Park Moorings)

This one is a secret so do not tell anyone. There are a limited number of moorings surrounded by unlimited beauty. (National Park Moorings)

Study the interactive Marine Resources guide online. It shows all the mooring fields, snorkeling spots, pretty much anything you want to know about the Park.

One of the most photographed beaches on the planet. It really is that pretty. Check out the snorkel trail around Trunk Bay Cay. (National Park Moorings)
Trunk Bay with the Underwater Trail is a great place for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about marine life by reading the plaques along the trail. The trail follows the west side of Trunk Bay Cay for about 300 feet before making a U-turn back to the beach. The coral and fish are well represented here. The reef continues beyond to the cay's northern tip, however, do not venture past where you are in view of the lifeguards. The farther out you go, the rougher the water is. (National Park Moorings)

As you leave Magens you can continue on your downwind sail around the west end of St Thomas. Once you have cleared the west end it is back up towards the anchorages west of Charlotte Amalia.

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