The story of a boat named Joyce

The story of a boat named Joyce

Saturday, 18 August 2018 / Published in Experience Together
The story of a boat named Joyce

Have you ever wondered what happens with the pre owned yachts that are sold and leave the Navigare Yachting fleet?
Rasmus and Ludvig have bought a Cyclades 43.4, and went looking for adventures of their lifetimes with her.

Here is their story.

So, the experience of leaving everything behind and getting a boat can only be described in one word. GREAT!
Living on a boat can best be described as being a snail. You have all your belongings with you and are just moving around as you please, if the weather allows it, that is.

It is a mostly care free life, though there are still some basic things you need to do. A boat always needs some maintenance. Some stuff is small and some stuff is bigger, but nothing that you cannot plan yourself out of, or get done in a few hours, which still leaves you time to go for an afternoon stroll, or go for a swim, if you are anchored.

Life on board comes down to the following three things:

  • What is for dinner?
  • What will the weather be like?
  • Where are we going next?

Since we are currently sailing Greece on our way to Italy, dinner is seldom a problem. Eating out is super cheap and the food in the stores is reasonably priced. As for the weather, it is a strange day if it is overcast, and the biggest "problem" is staying out of the sun, since it sends it rays down from sunrise to sundown.

Sailing Greece is super easy due to the many small anchorages and pleasant weather. When the wind is in your back and the sun in your face, you cannot help to sport a smile because of the happiness that you feel all the way out, into your toes. So yeah, sailing is pretty much just Great!

Rasmus and Ludvig

If you wish to follow Joyce, Rasmus and Ludvig on their journey, check their Facebook page.